Sculpture Studio

Venue Details

The 2,200 square feet sculpture studio is designed to accommodate needs of all students in four levels of sculpture: Art 142 Introduction to Studio: Sculpting Processes, Art 242 Sculpture, Art 342 Advanced Sculpture, and Art 491 Senior Project.

General Work Area   
The general work area is outfitted with 6 maple topped work benches with vises and drawers, a long work counter along the whole south end of the studio with storage shelves under, a large sink with shelves, and an adjacent wedging counter, 3 maple topped work counters with cabinets and drawers under, two miscellaneous work tables, an island work station with maple top, base lockers, and four vises. Additionally, there are tool lockers and a vented paint locker.

For woodworking there are a band saw, a table saw, a dust collector, a combination belt/disk sander, a planer, and a drill press located in the main studio. In a separate welding room there are three welding stations with venting hoods for electric (2 Mig welders) and gas welding with the appropriate welding stands. Also, it is equipped with a chop saw, an angle grinder, a bender, an anvil, a vise, a bench grinder, and a bench with storage.

Grinding Room and Spray Booth Room    
Two other service areas are a grinding room and a spray booth room with built-in compressed air. The studio opens out on the work yard, shared with the ceramics studio, where stone carving and other appropriate processes can be done. The working environment in the studio is excellent with state of the art lighting (track and fluorescent) and ventilation and climate control which allows windows to be opened.