Math Lab

The Math Lab’s director and student tutors work to help you develop your abilities in calculus and statistics courses.

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Reading Lab

The primary goal of the Reading Laboratory is to support your academic success at Grinnell. You will work both individually and in small discussion groups to improve your reading comprehension and rate, build your vocabulary, and develop more effective study strategies. International students may also choose to work on their English language proficiency. Register for the course or visit the Lab without enrolling. You can also refer to these web resources.

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Science Learning Center

The Science Learning Center staff, through group mentor sessions and one-on-one tutoring, supports students in chemistry, biology, physics, biochemistry and neuroscience courses. The professional and student staff seek to present a welcoming teaching and learning environment, in which all students, regardless of major or prior preparation, are welcome.

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Writing Lab

The Writing Laboratory offers one-on-one instruction in composition, including organization, coherence, grammar, and style. Students may enroll in courses or sign up for appointments as needed. Students work with an instructor on some part of the writing process, such as brainstorming, organizing, revising, or copyediting.

Composed by and for students, The Grinnell College Guide to Writing, Research, and Speaking provides a Grinnell approach to these vital skills.

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