Opportunities at the Center for Humanities

Visiting Scholars

In keeping with its mission to highlight some of the exciting contributions made by scholars in the Humanities to countless fields of research, the Center for the Humanities invites scholars from various disciplines to share their expertise with the Grinnell College community.

Book Talks

The Humanities Center will present a series of events entitled “Book Talk” 2–3 times each semester. This will be a panel of three short presentations on a particularly influential work, creative work, or a critical/theoretical text that has been used extensively in teaching or scholarship. The series will consider books that have been re-visited, reconsidered, or had a continuing presence in scholarly and creative worlds. Examples of such works that are studied across disciplines would be Judith Butler's Gender Trouble, Michel Foucault's Discipline and Punish, Edward Said's Orientalism, Benedict Anderson's Imagined Communities, Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species, and Andres Serrano's Piss Christ. These presentations are open to the public.

Conversations in the Humanities

Faculty may present works at any stage of development to their colleagues at Grinnell College by speaking at one of our regularly-scheduled lunches. Typically the Center hosts 3–4 such lunches each semester, with 1 or 2 presenters appearing at each lunch and presenting to an audience of 10–20 fellow faculty members. We want to emphasize the "in progress" part of these lunches, and invite you to consider this forum as a place to receive useful feedback on a project before final submission or conference delivery. These lunch discussions are open to faculty only. The Center provides lunch to the first 20 participants who RSVP their intention to attend.

Support for Co-Curricular Humanities Programming

To request funding, please complete the Classroom/Visitor Funding Request.