At Grinnell, a liberal arts education integrates different forms of knowledge, approaches, and ways of thinking. Interdisciplinary (and otherwise integrative) study begins with the first year tutorial and can culminate with a Mentored Advanced Project (MAP), which often crosses disciplines.

The Expanding Knowledge Initiative (EKI) was implemented to further enhance interdisciplinary learning. EKI will provide you with rich, coordinated opportunities to explore significant issues from a range of disciplinary perspectives. Through EKI, you’ll be exposed to emerging areas of knowledge beyond your chosen major, and outside traditional disciplinary boundaries. This approach will increase your opportunities for integrative, capstone, and inquiry-based learning—the best lessons a truly liberal arts education can provide.

Across the curriculum, Grinnell College faculty members have developed interdisciplinary and team-taught courses, including those addressing key EKI initiatives: Human Rights and Human Dignity, Environmental Challenges and Responses, and the new Policy Studies concentration. We’ve also enhanced the curriculum through appointments of faculty specialists in Middle Eastern Religion and History; Neurophilosophy; Spatial Analysis/Geography; Earth Systems Science/Geology; Film Studies; Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies; and more.