Faculty Web Projects

Many of the English faculty have developed online projects to enhance our teaching.This page highlights a few examples of such projects.

Stephen Andrews has collaborated with Ralph Russell of the music department and technologists David Berk and Munindra Khaund to create a multimedia edition of The Souls of Black Folk: Essays and Sketches.

Erik Simpson has integrated all of his syllabi and teaching materials into Connections: A Hypertext Resource for Literature, and he worked with six Grinnell students to create The Transatlantic 1790s: Chronology, Bibliography, and Projects.

Shuchi Kapila has constructed an online Introduction to Indian Writing in English, a presentation optimized for recent versions of Internet Explorer, and she worked with her students in English 224 to construct Student Group Wikis.

Elizabeth Dobbs worked with Khaund to create an online edition of her Dr. Syntax: Improving Your Writing of Arguments.