Child Development Studies Program

The Child Development Studies Program is a research program in the Department of Psychology at Grinnell College. It includes the Grinnell College Preschool Laboratory located on Park Street and the Child Studies research rooms in the Noyce Science Center.

We study how children learn and grow. We design fun activities for children that include looking at pictures, playing games, listening to speech, or solving puzzles and we record what children do during these activities to learn about how children think, learn, and remember.

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Why study babies and children?

Children learn about the world by looking, listening, and touching, and what they see, hear, and touch changes the way they think and act across the lifespan. Here at Grinnell College we study child development to provide basic knowledge that helps parents, teachers, and citizens understand development and design programs and policies for all children.

Looking, listening, and learning are naturally fun for children!

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