For Parents

Interested in Enrolling?

Are you are interested in participating in one of our studies with your child?

Please fill out our secure and confidential online form or contact us directly by email or by phone at 641-269-4323.

We will contact you when we have a study that is right for your child’s age group.

  • The child studies room at the college are comfortable for children and parents.
  • Parents or guardians are with their children at all times.
  • We offer gift certificates to participating families as our thank you for their generous contributions to our work. 
  • Siblings are welcome to come. We have a play area and baby sitters.

What to expect

Participation usually involves one or two visits to the college child studies rooms. Most studies take less about 10 minutes, but we schedule 30 minute appointments to allow time for children to get comfortable and so that we can describe the study and answer questions. Free parking for visitors is available several places on the campus. The closest parking to the child studies room is in the lot behind the Forum building.

In a typical study, your child will sit in your lap or in a car seat while she or he looks at pictures, listens to speech, or plays with toys. We watch children’s natural responses as they look, listen, and play. Sometimes we use an eye tracking camera to record exactly where they look at pictures. Children’s natural responses help us better understand how they think.