The operation of GIW is suspended from Fall 2016 through Fall 2017.

Costs of participating on Grinnell-in-Washington are different than a typical Grinnell semester, largely because of higher out-of-pocket expenses and transportation. However, for students with need-based financial aid, GIW is one of a few programs for which the College is able to support students in more detail with the different costs of attendance. The Office of Financial Aid has generated a helpful summary of estimated program costs. Financial aid and expenses covered as part of the cost of the program all help manage the different cost of a semester in Washington, making Grinnell-in-Washington financially attractive for many students. Please see additional details below

Financial Aid

Students approved for participation in GIW who wish to receive aid must go through the same financial aid process as students intending to remain on campus. All financial aid deadlines and requirements still apply. Awards for the fall semester are generally mailed in June. If you have questions about your own personal financial aid situation, please contact Gretchen Zimmermann, Associate Director of Financial Aid.


The GIW program pays for several course-related expenses (e.g. transportation on field trips and admission fees), several local cultural outings, and regular group meals with alumni during the semester. Students on the program who receive financial aid are also subsidized by adjusted aid packages that account specifically for the different cost of spending a semester in Washington than on the Grinnell home campus, such as transportation costs. It is students' responsibility to use these resources to budget carefully for costs on the program.