Planning ahead is the key to a successful foreign experience. The sites listed below will help get you started and provide vital information for the planning stages of traveling abroad.

The Center for Global Education Study Abroad Student Handbook — How to Get There and Back provides resources and preparation tips for students considering study abroad.

The CDC Traveler's Health site provides vaccination suggestions, health advisories, and much more. This is a must visit for all students going abroad. All of the off campus study programs provide detailed health information once a student is enrolled in the program. Students may wish to research health requirements prior to applying.

The U.S. State Department provides vital information about everything from applying for a passport to tips on personal safety. Programs provide details regarding visa requirements upon enrollment.

Students Abroad

Applying For or Renewing a Passport

Foreign consular offices in the United States

State Department Travel Advisories

Health Abroad

Emergency Services - for American citizens in cases of emergency such as arrest or death, as well as non-emergency matters of passports. There is a 24-hour Duty Officer Program as well as a Crisis Response Team which work on natural or man-made disasters.

Research your destination to gain a better understanding of where you will live and study:

CIA World Fact Book is produced annually for the use of US Government officials, and the style, format, coverage, and content are designed to meet their specific requirements. 

U.S. State Department "Background Notes" provide detailed information to supplement the Consular Information Sheets available on the State Department Travel Advisories page.

The BBC World Service is an excellent source on current events. provides an extensive set of streaming radio stations, a valuable resource for language practice and exploring different cultures.

Prepare to travel:

Transitions Abroad is an online guide to practical information on affordable alternatives to mass tourism: living, working, studying, or vacationing alongside the people of the host country.

STA Travel  provides information on International Student ID Cards, Eurail passes, discount airfares, etc.

The International Booking Network offers a simple, advanced and secure booking service for Youth Hostels worldwide. 

Travel guides such as  Rough Guide and  Lonely Planet  are a wonderful way to find out more about where you'll be studying and get a head start on planning your off time.

Interactive Currency Table provides a list of currency values relative to the base currency that you specify.