Nearly 60 percent of Grinnell students spend a semester or year on a wide range of carefully selected offcampus study programs in the U.S. and abroad. Whatever your interests, you can broaden and deepen your education by using Grinnell as your portal to the world.

Grinnell places no limit on the number of students studying off-campus, and we provide full financial aid for all programs. You’ll find Grinnell students studying throughout the world in Asia, Australia, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In the U.S., programs are available specializing in fine arts, science, social studies, humanities, and education.

In addition, the College sponsors the Grinnell-in-London program and the Grinnell-in-Washington, D.C. programs, both of which are offered in the fall semester. Grinnell-in-London and Grinnell-in-Washington interns find placement in government agencies, parliamentary and congressional offices, research institutions, publishing houses, arts organizations, and investment firms.

Just being and studying in a new and challenging environment is a valuable learning experience. But the Grinnell believes the opportunity will be even more enriching if closely integrated with your campus coursework. During the application process to study off campus, you’ll be urged to select a program that’s compatible with your academic goals. You will work closely with your academic adviser and the Off-Campus Study Office to choose a program that best supplements and enhances your Grinnell education.

Featured Programs


Grinnell-in-London provides an extraordinary semester for students interested in both classroom learning and on experiential field trips, as well as engaging with life in London. Grinnell professors offer courses using London, Britain, and Europe as the classroom, including visits to London’s theatres, galleries, and museums. Students also study together with British peers at Queen Mary College, a leading research center known for the high quality of its teaching. Program interns have worked in Parliament and at museums, theaters, hospitals, law offices, research firms, NGOs, and a television news agency.


Grinnell-in-Washington combines liberal arts courses with internships to create a powerful educational experience in the nation’s capital. GIW enables students to tap into Washington’s rich resources for the study of public policy, science, the arts, history, and social justice. The presence of a large number of Grinnell alumni provides valuable networking opportunities.