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Two Seniors Talk Grinnell

Are you ready? We think you are.

Take 30 minutes and join us for a student-led information session to get an overview of Grinnell’s academic programs, career development services, internship and research opportunities, and so much more. All designed to help you succeed.

Music Credit:

Intro music: Better Days by LAKEY INSPIRED 
Outro music: Tranquility by Prod. Riddiman 


1:50 - Moving from a city to Grinnell
4:25 - What makes a Grinnell education unique?
6:30 - Advising at Grinnell
9:22 - Favorite classes
11:10 - How do you find your major adviser?
13:09 - Study abroad/off-campus study opportunities
15:58 - Ayyad's experience working in the British Parliament during Brexit
18:18 - Summer research in Grinnell, and how Maddy spent three months studying vikings
20:01 - In-class research opportunities
22:24 - The Office of Careers, Life, and Service 
23:54 - Our career communities
26:12 - Maddy and Ayyad's advice for high school seniors
28:21 - A caring community
Photo of Students walking towards the athletic center.

Ready to learn more?

Join us for a live virtual information session, led by an admission counselor.

Malcolm David '21 in still from student video

Who are Grinnellians?

Current students describe what it means to be a Grinnellian.

Pieter Hansen in the fieldhouse

Grinnellians Know Who They Are

Grinnellians are life-long learners, ask hard questions, and have an individual sense of self.

Megan Tcheng in still from student video

The Grinnell Community

“Students support each others' interests - we all came here because we are passionate about something or we're searching for those passions.”

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