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NEW “Where the Hell Is Grinnell?” T-shirt

An earlier T-shirt’s answer to that question -- “Who the Hell Cares?” -– not only belittled the College’s location but offended many people in the community.  Martha Orlet ’15 and Aaron Juarez ’15 wanted to create an alternative shirt with a better answer. Martha and Aaron, board members of the Center for Prairie Studies, proposed the idea to the full board. Several conversations and artistic designs later, we are pleased to offer an alternative “Where the Hell is Grinnell?” T-shirt. Edith March ’15 contributed to the design, and Tim Hammond, assistant men’s and women’s swim coach and also a member of the Prairie Studies board, came up with the new slogan, one that celebrates the College’s prairie location as well as our global outreach. 

The message of the new shirt is that place matters. The slogan encourages Grinnellians to embrace, value, and celebrate place -- BOTH the College’s location in the tallgrass prairie region of North America AND the countless places around the world where our students come from and where they go to study, and where alumni of the College live, work, and visit. We encourage current students to explore the back roads around Grinnell, to find respite in blooming meadows at CERA or the Krumm Preserve, to learn about local farming, and to meet and know residents of the town of Grinnell. We also encourage students to travel elsewhere to study or do an internship in another place, to look at their home with new eyes after being elsewhere, and to learn about the non-profit work the Grinnell Prize funds in various international locations. Both the local and the global should be valued.  Both are what make Grinnell, Grinnell. 

The shirt is available for purchase in the College Bookstore in three colors: sedge, goldenrod, and sand. 100% organic cotton.