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March News from IGE

Visitors to Grinnell

View from top of public park in China from student participating in Grinnell Fellowship

February News from IGE

The Institute for Global Engagement is gearing up for a busy spring.

Professor Gemma Sala from Political Science describes how she saw herself as an outsider despite status change to being an immigrant

Spring 2017, Erhaan Ahmad '18, Anastasiia Morozova '18, and  Danica Bojovic '19 came together and organized a panel talk and open-discussion event. The event was aimed to create space for international professors to share their stories and experience of coming to the United States as well as adjusting their life and work in the new environment.

The panelists included Professor Marc Chamberland, Assistant Professor YeeMon Thu, Assistant Professor Gemma Sala, Associate Professor John Fennell, Assistant Professor Barry Driscoll, and Assistant Professor Javier Samper. 

campus discussion on racism in a global perspective, students and faculty talk

On Wednesday, November 16th, the campus-wide discussion entitled “Racism in Global Perspective,” organized by the Center for the Humanities and the Office of Intercultural Affairs, took place in Rosenfield Center, Room 101, with enthusiastic participation from Grinnell students, faculty, and staff. The discussion aimed to provide a space for the Grinnell College community to actively engage with the issues of race and racism, both globally and within America, as well as examine how we combine humanistic inquiry around racism with actionable learning goals. 

Phillipa Williams, Sr. Lecturer in geography at Queen Mary Univ. of London speaks at Grinnell College

On Monday, November 7th, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at Queen Mary University of London Dr. Philippa Williams gave a talk on Hindu-Muslim relations, the silk industry, and everyday peace in Varanasi, North India. She gave insights into the construction of peace by inspecting how it is displayed in public spaces as well as the relationship dynamic of "Hindu-Muslim brotherhood.”

Hugo Hamilton Irish author at Grinnell as Heath professor, gives public reading.

This past Thursday, November 3, 2016, best-selling author Hugo Hamilton, who is Irish and is currently the John R. Heath Visiting Professor of English at Grinnell College, gave a public reading of his work at Faulconer Gallery. This event was organized by the Writers@Grinnell program and sponsored by the Institute for Global Engagement. Hamilton is an acclaimed author who has written about his experience of a dual upbringing, and thus grappling with cultural divisions.

Global Learning Program touring Conard Environmental Research Area

Current second-year students who participated in the 2016 Global Learning Program (GLP) tutorials set mid-term projects and looming exam studies aside to reunite for an evening of reflection.

Earlier in 2016 these thirty students, as well as four faculty and two staff members, participated in two separate Global Learning Tutorials, traveling in five countries.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) invites all students to participate in an academic conference call, "Women, Peace, and Security," on Thursday, September 29 from 2–3 p.m. 

Jamille Biggio, adjunct senior fellow for women and foreign policy at CFR and senior director at Amida Technology Solutions, will discuss the role of women in security, peacebuilding, and peacekeeping. 

Professors are welcome to convene as a group in a classroom or office with a speaker phone. Students are also invited to listen in individually.

Global politics of migration and refuge symposium resources

Rosenfield Program Symposium — co-sponsored by the John Chrystal Fund for Distinguished Foreign Visitors and the Institute for Global Engagement.

The Global Politics of Migration and Refuge symposium looks at global migrations from a variety of perspectives, covering issues from Iowa to the far side of the globe. Experts and alumni share social, legal, historical, and personal perspectives on immigration and refugee issues of vital concern in today’s world. The following is a list of resources to supplement the topics covered during this three-day symposium, September 6–8, 2016.

Global Learning Program touring Rome spring break

The Origins of Liberal Education Global Learning Program (GLP) Tutorial, led by Mirzam Pérez (Spanish) and Aysha Pollnitz (History), spent spring break in Europe. The two faculty leaders, one language assistant (Italian), and 15 first-year students examined liberal education and its origins together on campus for the spring semester and then traveled, toured, and studied together in Italy and Spain for the duration of spring break for further investigation of the course theme.