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Leaving Campus

All students are expected to leave campus by Monday, March 23.

Please leave as soon as you are able:

  • If you have a car and are able to leave, please leave by Monday, March 16.
  • If you have a scheduled flight and need help to explore moving up your flight to an earlier day and time please contact Meg Jones Bair for help with logistics.
  • Move-out help will be available through Monday, March 16. We can help any student to get their belongings packed and to the door prior to the end of day on March 16.
  • Details about shuttles and other logistics will come from student affairs soon.

Students with exceptional reasons to stay on campus can petition to remain via the form that was sent to their Grinnell College email.

Parents and family members are discouraged from coming to campus, so as to limit the chance of infection. If alternative arrangements cannot be made, the College requests that all families limit the amount of people coming to campus and remain outside of residence halls and all other buildings. Faculty and staff have generously volunteered to help students bring their belongings out to waiting vehicles. Box lunches and beverages will be provided for caregivers and visitors.

Storage has been made available for students on campus through C&K Storage. Details are available on the Storage Information for Students page.

In order to best and fairly distribute plastic storage bins to students, a distribution table has been set-up on the first floor of the JRC. Due to limited resources, bins will be distributed at one per person. Cardboard boxes and tape are available in the lounges. Please only take a plastic bin if you intend to use storage provided by C&K in Main Quad.

If the Committee has reviewed your petition and was unable to approve your request to remain on campus for the rest of the semester, you need to make arrangements to move out of the halls no later than Monday, March 23.

Every effort is being made to remove barriers to travel and to help students gain access to appropriate resources to fully participate in online learning.

  • If financial considerations impede your ability to return, please visit and/or email the Office of Student Financial Services. They will work with you to develop a plan for funding so that you may depart campus.
  • If you do not have access to a laptop or wifi, please email the Office of Student Financial Services to request consideration for this resource. If you qualify, Financial Aid will direct you to Student Affairs to retrieve a check-out form so that you may obtain your necessary technology from ITS.
  • If there is a specific need for software, ITS is working with your faculty to ensure you have access to it even from a distance or is assisting the faculty in finding alternative software.
  • If you need to consult with Disability Resources regarding accommodations, please contact Autumn Wilke, and she will connect you to assistance.

More details related to consolidation and emergency preparation will be forthcoming. As a reminder, you MUST remain in the state of Iowa from this point forward. That restriction may evolve based on public health information.

  • No in-person classes will be held. If do not have access to a laptop, please email the Office of Student Financial Services to request consideration for this resource. If you qualify, Financial Aid will direct you to Student Affairs to retrieve a check-out form so that you may obtain your necessary technology from ITS.
  • If you need to consult with Disability Resources regarding accommodations, please contact Autumn Wilke at, and she will connect you to assistance.

Students who need a computer or internet access should contact the Office of Financial Aid. Computers and mobile wi-fi hotspots are available.

USPS First Class Mail and UPS Packages will be forwarded on to your permanent home address.

Fed Ex Packages cannot be forwarded and will be returned to sender.

Students who will be staying on campus will need to go into “My Mailing Profile” and choose “Please Hold My Mail.”

Students who would like their mail forwarded to an alternate address other than their permanent home address will need to go to "My Mail Profile" and choose “Add a New Forwarding Address.”

Make sure to check your student mailbox and pickup your packages before you leave campus.

Mail Services will not begin to forward mail or packages until March 23, 2020.

There is a Facebook group to help Grinnellians connect for ride sharing. To join the group, you may need to use a Grinnell email address.

Permit holders must complete this survey in order to be eligible for a prorated refund or to be allowed to leave their vehicle on campus after Monday, March 23.

Each permit holder is eligible for a prorated refund of their parking permit in the amount of $20.00.  We will begin processing your refund following the completion of our survey and the return of your permit to Campus Safety. You may return the permit in person or by mail:

Department of Campus Safety
1432 East Street
Grinnell, IA 50112

If feasible, we strongly recommend that students take their vehicle home when they depart campus. Vehicles allowed to remain on campus may not be eligible for retrieval until Grinnell College resumes regular operations.

If you are seeking to park your vehicle on a campus owned parking lot, you must complete our survey and leave your parking permit in the vehicle. The decision to leave your vehicle on campus makes you ineligible for the prorated refund.  Instructions regarding where the vehicle must be parked prior to your departure will be provided to those permit holders who have completed the survey.

Permit holders who do not complete the survey may have their vehicle relocated to another lot via tow, at the owner’s expense after Monday, March 23 at 12:00 PM.


Sadly, there will be no “traditional” graduation ceremony this May. Instead, we will begin looking at alternative ways that we might honor graduating seniors. As Dean Anne Harris said during the town halls this week: “We know how hard this is, class of 2020. We love you. We really, really do. I have faculty and staff members literally stopping me in the streets with ideas for how to celebrate you.”

We are committed to celebrating the class of 2020 in the future and giving them and all the rest of us a chance to recognize their contributions and accomplishments.

Some of the options being considered include an online ceremony, or perhaps bringing seniors back in 2021 for a joint ceremony. We want to celebrate and cherish our students, but we must realize there is no logic to sending people away for the health and safety of all, and then attempting to bring everybody back in for a large gathering in May.

We are exploring alternative opportunities for the classes of 2020 and 1970 (another class that missed a formal commencement ceremony) to be recognized in the future and will share those plans as they are developed.

We know that you care deeply about protecting your friends and family as much as we do. We need to minimize gathering in large groups now:

  • Do everything you can to avoid large gatherings/audiences of 25 or more.
  • Public events on campus have been cancelled through May 15.
  • As previously communicated, that means there will be no in-person Senior Event held on March 13.

The limit on large gatherings is in response to current public health recommendations for communities that have no known cases of COVID-19 illness: to remain out of congregate settings, avoid mass gatherings, and maintain distance (approximately 6 feet) from others when possible.

Off-campus Housing

The College requests that students who plan to remain in the city of Grinnell do not leave the state of Iowa for the duration of the semester.

We continue to hear many questions, especially from students currently living off-campus or considering moving to an off-campus residence, about their potential access to College resources. In order to minimize transmission and infection risk, our goal is to have as few students as possible remain in Grinnell. Students currently living on-campus choosing to move into the city of Grinnell without permission of the College do so against the explicit instruction and advice of the College. If you have not received permission to stay on campus and are now considering moving off campus, your access to campus buildings will end on March 24. To be clear, students who move off campus who do not already live off campus will not have access to buildings on campus. Below is a summary of building and dining access that clarifies many of the questions that emerged in the town halls yesterday. These measures are being taken to sustain our commitment to slowing transmission of the virus. All access is subject to change depending on the COVID-19 situation.

For students who have petitioned for and have been given permission to live on-campus:

  • Students who have a meal plan will have P-card access to the dining hall.
  • Students who have assigned work on campus will have P-card access to the building they work in.
  • Students will have P-card access to the building they are assigned to live in, Burling Library, the Grinnell Museum, and the Bear Recreation and Athletic Center.

For students who already lived in the city of Grinnell during the spring term and plan to remain in those off-campus accommodations:

  • Students who already had a meal plan will have P-card access to the dining hall.
  • Students who have assigned work on campus will have P-card access to the building they work in.
  • Students will have P-card access to Burling Library, the Grinnell College Museum of Art, and the Bear Recreation and Athletic Center.

Students who choose to move off campus into the City of Grinnell without explicit permission of the College:

  • Your room and board will be refunded on a prorated basis.
  • Your P-cards will be deactivated.
  • You will not have access to the dining hall, academic buildings, Burling Library, the Grinnell College Museum of Art, or the Bear Recreation and Athletic center.


Shuttle Signup

Rides to Walmart are available for $3.00 round trip and can be purchased at Spencer Grill or Campus Safety. The ride schedule is as follows:

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with departure from JRC at 11:0 a.m. and returning at 1:30 p.m.
  • Tuesday and Thursdays with departure from JRC at 12:00 p.m. and returning at 1:30 p.m.

Room and Board Refunds

  • Pro-rated refunds for room and board will be activated by submission of the survey Student Affairs has requested of all students.
  • These refunds will be issued for students who are currently living and dining on campus and will be leaving Grinnell for the remainder of the semester.
  • The precise amount that a student will be reimbursed will depend upon a number of factors unique to them. A credit will be placed on the student’s account and a reimbursement issued for any balance due to the student.
  • Reimbursements will be direct deposited if we have your automatic bank transfer information on file. Otherwise, they will be mailed to students at the home mailing address on file.
  • Those students who do not have access to the resources required to travel home or another destination where they will live for the spring semester should visit the Financial Aid Office where an expedited refund process can be initiated. A financial aid officer will assess any additional, unmet need, and utilize emergency funds to assist with transportation costs as necessary.
  • There will be another refund opportunity for those students who have petitioned and been allowed to stay on campus. Those students who decide to leave between March 24 and April 17 will receive a prorated room and board credit to their student account. Students leaving after April 17 will not be eligible for room and board credit.

Tuition is linked to the award of academic credit. Because we will continue with instruction in an online format and award credit as earned, there will be no refunds for tuition.


Dining Services During Spring Break

  • The dining hall will be open with a limited menu through March 23; students with meal plans will be able to continue to access the dining hall during that time.
  • Students without meal plans and in need of assistance should discuss their need with financial aid. 
  • After it is clear how many students will remain on campus, we will adjust and announce schedules and menus accordingly.

The ability to deliver digital and e-resources for online instructional continuity will be a key focus of Burling Library staff going forward. Therefore, we will be closing physical access to Burling library as follows:

  • Students who are approved to remain in town and on campus: physical access will end at 5 p.m., Tuesday, March 17.
  • Faculty and Staff: physical access will end at 5 p.m., Wednesday, March 18.

While the library may be physically closed, they will continue to make resources available and support your learning, teaching, and scholarship wherever you're working. See the Grinnell College Library distance learning guide​ for a list of resources. You can chat with a librarian, submit questions, request instruction sessions, labs, and more.​​

In light of Governor Reynold issuing a State of Public Health Disaster Emergency proclamation and decree that all restaurants, bars, and fitness centers must close at 12:00 p.m. on March 17, we are closing the Bear and Natatorium. P-card access for faculty, staff, and students has been terminated to those buildings.

Faculty and Staff who are assigned to work in these buildings will continue to have access to the building and their work spaces.

Student Employment

  • The College will evaluate each student’s circumstances so that there is no need to remain on campus solely due to work.
  • Students staying on campus with work as part of their need-based financial aid package will be provided opportunities to continue in their current job or alternative job as appropriate.
  • Because work for many students is a part of their need-based financial aid package, we will work with students to assess individual need and may convert what would have been earned to grant funding as appropriate. Please see additional information on work replacement grants.
  • Students working without a need-based financial aid award may continue working if they remain in Grinnell.
  • Remote work may be an option for students with or without a need-based financial aid award if approved by the College. A process for approval is forthcoming.
  • A work grant is not available for students without a need-based financial aid award.

Students whose petitions to live on campus were granted, and students who were already living off campus and will stay in Grinnell:  At this time, they may work on campus.  Remote work is also acceptable, when available. NOTE: These are the only students who will be able to begin working for the College. We are unable to process paperwork from other students at this time.

Students that do not fall into the previous category, and are living in the US, including those who are living in the town of Grinnell:  You may NOT work physically on campus, but may work remotely, provided there is remote work available (Supervisor approval required).

Students living outside the US: You may work remotely, provided there is remote work available (Supervisor approval required).

Academic Continuity

No. Please take materials you need for your classes home with you. We will provide information about returning those items at the end of the semester.

Disability Resources will continue to work closely with individual students or faculty with accommodations that may impact participation in the classroom environment when conducted remotely.

  • As much as possible, faculty will use the same platforms (Webex, Blackboard) to be able to continue the continuity of academic accommodations.
  • Disability Resources staff are already working with the students expected to be most impacted by the move to online (primarily students with sensory disabilities) and will have conversations with all students with academic accommodations over the next few weeks.

Any students who have concerns about not having access to a laptop or wifi, please email the Office of Student Financial Services to request consideration for this resource. If they qualify, Financial Aid will direct them to Student Affairs to retrieve a check-out form so that they can obtain the necessary technology from ITS.

In the wake of Grinnell’s decision to transition temporarily to a distance education model, the Grinnell College Executive Council has determined to provide students with expanded access to the S/D/F grading option for the spring 2020 semester. For those unfamiliar with the S/D/F grade mode, it is Grinnell’s version of Pass/Fail grading.

Effective March 12, students may elect to switch some or all of their spring 2020 courses to S/D/F. The deadline to switch spring 2020 courses to S/D/F is Friday, April 10.

Expanded access to the S/D/F grade mode aims to reduce student stress during this already-stressful time, while still providing a pathway to fulfill program and degree requirements. While students may decide to continue to pursue a letter grade (A-F) in their spring 2020 classes, the S/D/F grade mode may be a sensible and healthy option, depending on individual circumstances. Students are encouraged to consult with their adviser(s) prior to electing S/D/F.

Spring 2020 Exceptions to S/D/F Policy

The Executive Council has provided College-wide exceptions to several S/D/F policies and procedures, including: 

  • There is no limit on the numbers of spring 2020 courses/credits allowed to be taken S/D/F.
  • Courses graded S/D/F may satisfy major and concentration requirements, including minimum credit requirements.
  • Individual Study (Plus-2, 297, 299, 387, 397, 399, and 499) and Alternative Language Study Option courses (ALS-100), as well as program internships (GDS-300 or SOC-300) may be graded S/D/F.
  • A course used as a replacement for a previously taken course, including Tutorial, may be taken S/D/F – with knowledge that the student loses the benefit of improving their GPA.
  • Students on Academic Probation or Strict Probation may elect to take their courses S/D/F.
  • Courses graded Pass-Fail and completed via an approved Off-Campus Study program may transfer to Grinnell.

Instructions for Switching Courses to S/D/F

Submit this S/D/F Grading Opt In Form indicating which courses you would like to switch to S/D/F. That is all you need to do; however, if you do not submit this form by 5 p.m. Central on Friday, April 10, your courses will remain in letter grade (A-F) mode. Late requests will not be processed. The form is also available on the Registrar’s GrinnellShare site

Important Considerations for S/D/F:

  • The decision to switch to S/D/F is irreversible.
  • Students earning the equivalent of a “C” or better will be awarded a grade of “S” (satisfactory). The “S” carries no grade points and is NOT computed into a student’s semester or cumulative grade point averages (GPAs.) 
  • A grade of “D” (passing) or “F” (failing) is recorded normally and computed into a student’s GPAs.
  • The Executive Council has approved the addition of a semester-level comment to the official Grinnell College academic transcript stating, e.g. “spring 2020 courses were completed during a crisis situation.”  
  • Instructors are NOT notified and typically unaware that a student has elected to take their course on an S/D/F basis. Given the unusual circumstances of these policy exceptions, if students would prefer their instructors be aware of their decision, for whatever reason, the Executive Council wants to assure students that instructors will be receptive and supportive.
  • For students who elect to switch to S/D/F a course that is replacing (or repeating) any course (including Tutorial) in which they previously earned a “D” or “F,” the “S” grade will not be calculated into the GPA, though the credits will count toward major and degree requirements. Please consult the Registrar’s Office ( if you have questions.

There are no expected immigration-related impacts on international students who elect to switch their courses to S/D/F. Also, the Iowa State Board of Education has confirmed that courses taken S/D/F and graded “S” may satisfy requirements for teaching certification/licensure.

All independent study courses (MAP, directed research, etc.) must be completed in a distance format this semester. We recognize that this puts tremendous constraints on certain projects (e.g., studio art, laboratory or field work), but to require the distance format is the most equitable for all students and faculty concerned. 


The health of our students including student-athletes is our foremost priority. The restriction of all college-sponsored travel includes travel by athletic teams to and from campus. As a consequence, we will be canceling all College-sponsored athletic team events for the remainder of the spring term.

Off-Campus Study

As we continue to monitor the fluid COVID-19 situation with your health, safety and well-being at the forefront, and based on recently announced travel restrictions, Grinnell College has made the difficult decision to suspend all OCS Spring 2020 programs in Europe. With this suspension, comes the following:

  • You should depart as soon as possible and return to your home (not to Grinnell).
  • If your program is not suspending (again, to be clear, you must still leave your program) nor are they offering to reimburse your flight changes, the College will reimburse you. If you need assistance with booking and paying for change fees, please email details to Alicia at
  • If you’re not able to complete your courses remotely through your program, the College will work with you on an individual basis on academic credit issues and degree completion. We will be working with the Registrar on this over the coming days.
  • We are also working with the billing and financial aid offices on processing refunds, and will provide additional information as soon as possible.

Please check in with your onsite staff to see what exit requirements they may have for you to complete. We will inform your parents/guardians as well as your program providers of this decision.

When you have booked your flight, please enter the details in the Spring 2020 Return Information form in the post-decision phase of your application in our portal at

The travel suspension does not currently apply to fall/full-year 2020 or spring 2021 off campus study. The College's decision to suspend currently applies to international college-sponsored spring break programs and spring semester travel. The College has an internal deadline of April 1 to evaluate all summer college-sponsored international programs/travel.

Support Services

Should you need someone to speak with in this time of transition and throughout the semester, please know that mental health services are still available for students through SHAW. We are also working quickly to provide services to you after you have returned home and will keep you updated on how to access those services.

We are working on moving as many of our services and programs online as possible. Our goal is that you will continue to have access to much of the support you rely on at Grinnell, but how you access that support will change. Many our services like the Writing, Reading, and Speaking Center and the math lab will go online after spring break. We will continue to provide regular updates on how to access those services.

While SHAW is not open to see you in person, we are here and ready to see you through TeleHealth Services. Please call SHAW at 641-269-3230. If it is during normal business hours, staff will triage your request and work to get you connected to the appropriate service model. If it is after hours, you can follow the prompts to consult with a nurse or leave a message.

More information about services and hours is available on the SHAW page.

641-269-3230 (to speak to a nurse or counselor)
Need To Talk 641-269-4404
Crisis Text Line Text HOME to 741741
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255
The Disaster Distress Helpline 1-800-985-5990

If students must go the local hospital, Student Affairs staff are not allowed to enter with them.  Only family members are allowed.

Center for Careers, Life, and Service (CLS)

Students should continue scheduling CLS advising appointments via Handshake. Since the CLS has shifted to a remote working arrangement, all CLS advising appointments will be conducted via phone or video conference. After making your appointment, you’ll be prompted to complete a pre-appointment survey where you’ll be asked to provide your contact information (e.g., phone number, Skype ID).

Yes. Grinnell continues to receive job, internship, and related postings on a daily basis. You are encouraged to visit Handshake on a regular basis to see what new opportunities have been posted.

The CLS staff will be offering and/or hosting a range of online events, presentations, and workshops, all of which will be promoted on Handshake. Additionally, a number of recruiters are hosting online job fairs and related recruiting events posted on Handshake.

If you are unable to access Handshake or if you find you are having trouble using the platform, please email CLS for assistance.  A staff member from the CLS will respond and answer your questions as best they can.

At present, the CLS will not be offering drop-in advising hours or CLS Express in a virtual format. If you need to connect with a CLS adviser, please go ahead and schedule an appointment in Handshake.

The Center for Careers, Life, and Service (CLS) will consider summer 2020 internship funding applications for unpaid, virtual/remote internships.

The CLS will reopen the summer internship funding application (login required) process on Monday, April 20. Applications will be processed on a rolling basis through Monday, June 1, 2020, or until available funds are exhausted. 

Some SLWS positions may continue based on a variety of factors including the need of the community partner. Those students who hold a SLWS position and are interested in continued community based work through SLWS, please contact Keira Wilson.

Yes. Even though the “Intent to Apply” deadline has passed, interested students should send an email expressing their interest in the Truman to Ann Landstrom immediately (after sending her an email, please proceed with setting up an appointment with her on Handshake). The campus deadline is now Monday, April 20, 2020. 

Current third and fourth-year students (as well as alumni) can start these applications NOW!  Doing so—and working at an even pace through the summer—will help to ensure you’re ready to meet the August and September campus deadlines. 

During March and April, students should schedule a video appointment in Handshake, “Getting Started with Global Fellowships and Awards” for your first meeting and “Fellowship Advising for Inquiries, Applicants, and Nominees” for second, third, and any further meetings.

Finally, Ann Landstrom will be developing several webinars and placing more information on GrinnellShare in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Yes! (And far too many to list here). To access CLS’s online resources, students should visit the CLS GrinnellShare page (login required). On our GrinnellShare page you will find information and handouts on topics such as: Finding jobs and internships; Networking; Writing resumes and cover letters; Considering/Applying to graduate school; Preparing for interviews; Volunteering; among others. Students can also access several useful online resources, including: Big Interview; Going Global; Vault; and Candid Careers. Finally, be sure to check out CLS’s YouTube Channel where you’ll fine helpful videos with tips and information on finding jobs and internships, preparing for interviews, writing resumes and cover letters, and many more.

Working Remotely

Given the level of concern expressed by some staff and faculty, and what may at times seem like confusing information coming from multiple sources, we have decided to ask most of our staff and faculty to work remotely beginning Wednesday March 18, 2020. Anyone supervising student workers still working on campus should communicate this information to them directly.

There are, however, a number of essential jobs that provide services we need to continue on campus including Information Technology Services (ITS), Dining, Facilities Management (FM), Student Affairs, Campus Safety, Mail Services, and Student Health and Wellness (SHAW). We may need volunteers to help with some of these services so please be on the look-out for emails from Rachel Bly asking for help. 

If your full-time or part-time position is such that you cannot do your work remotely, you will still be paid. Supervisors retain the ability to assign alternative work to you that could be completed remotely. No matter where you are working — on campus or remotely — practicing preventive measures such as handwashing, maintaining a six-foot physical distance, and covering your cough remain important ways you can help prevent transmission and infection of COVID-19.

If you are part of an area providing essential services, including those listed above, that need to continue on campus this week — and you have underlying health conditions or are at higher risk — please inform your supervisor and Human Resources. You should consult with your supervisor about the possibility of being assigned work that can be done remotely.


Guidelines for self-isolation are available on the website. Staff members with any questions should contact Mary Greiner; faculty with questions should contact Anne Harris.

In light of the expanding transmission of the coronavirus throughout the United States, Grinnell College is requesting that all employees limit non-essential travel and is REQUIRING that anyone who travels outside of the state of Iowa, self-isolate and work remotely for 14 days before returning to regular work activities. Please work with your department chair or supervisor directly to coordinate your remote work plan. If it is determined that your duties cannot be performed remotely, you will remain in paid status for regular time normally scheduled.


Development and Alumni Relations has announced the cancellation of Alumni College and Reunion 2020. This decision was not reached lightly, given the importance of reunions as moments for alumni to come together, to reconnect with each other and campus. All Alumni College and Reunion registrations will be refunded in the next 30 days. Anyone who would prefer to donate their registration fees to the Support Our Students Fund should send an email to by Monday, March 23. For more information check the Alumni College and Reunion website for an FAQ resource or


We recommend the Blackboard Collaborate tool. This tool integrates directly into your Blackboard class, and the video you create using it will be available to students without you having to download it from another site and then upload it into Blackboard.

The Blackboard Collaborate tool is now available under the menu in each of your Blackboard classes. Search for the Collaborate heading on the left-hand side of your screen.

With this new tool, you can host a live class, record a class, add files, share applications, use a virtual whiteboard to interact, and more. Your personal Course Room is always available or you can schedule class sessions.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact your ASA.​​​​

Yes, Blackboard Collaborate and Webex Meetings meet the college's minimum standards for accessibly.

We are going to continue to work closely with individual students or faculty with accommodations, which may impact participation in the classroom environment when conducted remotely. If accommodations change as a result of the environment, we will contact faculty members directly to let them know of individual changes of accommodations for their students. If faculty don't hear otherwise, they should assume that all current accommodations are still in effect, as long as they're applicable to their class.

If you have specific questions on how to implement an existing accommodation in your new environment, please let Disability Resources know. You can give us a call at 641-269-3089, or email Autumn Wilke for specific support and guidance and we're also happy to provide guidance on tools that would make your synchronous or asynchronous platforms more accessible.​

ITS is working continuously to make as many software titles available remotely as possible.​ Please see our list of Remotely-accessible Software​ (login required) for students and faculty.

ITS is coordinating all requests for hardware. Please submit a Service Request​.

You can also:

Email us at​​​​​

Call us at (641) 269-4901​


Supporting Our Students (SOS) Fund

The College has created a special fund where financial contributions can be directed in support of students. Gifts made to the newly created “Supporting Our Students Fund” (SOS Fund) will support immediate student needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gifts received will be used to help cover expenses such as students traveling home, shipping costs for clothes and other belongings, books, supplies and equipment needed to support distance learning, storage and holistic health care and any other unanticipated expenses incurred as a result of the pandemic.

Make a gift to the SOS Fund online.

Food Pantry

In response to challenges arising from the COVID 19 outbreak, a coalition of Grinnell residents representing MICA, Imagine Grinnell, Tiger Packs, Local Foods Connection, The Grinnell Chamber of Commerce, Grinnell College, our local churches and schools have come together to collect donations that will be used to purchase food and sundries for folks in our community. Items will be stored in a safe and sanitary location and allocated to various community partners who are already distributing resources to those who need extra support during this time. Any funds left after our COVID 19 response efforts will be donated to Mid Iowa Community Action.

Tax deductible contributions may be made online or sent via US mail to: Local Foods Connection @ PO Box 719, Grinnell, IA 50112 Attn: COVID 19 Response.

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