Work Replacement Grant

2019-20 Spring Semester

Grinnell’s plan for student employment following the move to distance learning included two elements:

  1. A work replacement grant for students on need-based financial aid, even if they had already reached their student employment award maximum. And,
  2. A plan for the continuation of essential on campus positions and remote work for the rest of the semester.

Requirements for a Work Replacement Grant

  1. Enrolled spring semester of 2019-2020.
  2. Have a spring semester student employment award as part of their need-based financial aid package*.
  3. Have earned at least $0.01 during the academic year through the pay period ending March 15th.

*Students without need based financial aid are not eligible for a work replacement grant, but may have an opportunity to continue working remotely in their job through the end of the term.

Grant Calculation

Work Replacement Grants were based upon student earnings through the pay period ending March 15 and the student employment expectation included in need-based financial aid awards.

To determine Work Replacement Grant values, Grinnell calculated remaining term need-based work awards using the following formula, depending upon whether the award was made for the entire year or the spring semester only:

Calculated Payout  =  (YTD earnings / percent of term completed) x percent of term remaining

Academic Year Calculated Payout = (YTD Earnings / 76.5%) x 23.5%

Spring Only Calculated Payout = (YTD Earnings / 53%) x 23.5%

Special Notes:

  • Payments were capped at $300 ($150 for one-semester only awards) for those who earned in excess of their need-based work awards.
  • Payments were floored at $300 ($150 for one-semester only awards) for those whose payout calculated at less than $300 ($150 for one-semester only awards) to provide assistance when earnings may have been suppressed by academic or extra-curricular pursuits.

Those with questions about their Work Replacement Grant should contact the Financial Aid Office directly at


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