Health and Wellness Services

On-Campus Services and Services for Those Residing in Iowa

For those students who are on-campus, Student Health and Wellness (SHAW) will be providing a testing clinic for approximately six hours per day, Monday through Friday to test for possible COVID-19 infection. Nursing services provided by SHAW nurses will be primarily via telehealth with some specialized healthcare services provided in-person via appointment. Counseling services including individual, group counseling, and workshops will be provided via telecounseling with SHAW counselors. Wellness and prevention services will be provided for students who are both on- and off-campus (see below).

Unfortunately, licensing requirements for nurses and counselors do not allow the provision of professional services to those residing outside of the state. SHAW has resolved this issue by partnering with other telehealth and telecounseling providers (described below). Unfortunately, due to licensure requirements, telehealth and telecounseling cannot be provided to students living outside of the United States.

Services for Students Residing Out-of-State

Telehealth and Telecounseling

Those students who have the Grinnell College insurance will have access to 24/7 telehealth and telecounseling via Healthiest You, which is provided by United Health Care Student Resources. Students can have access to licensed medical doctors, licensed therapists, and psychiatrists. For those student who don’t have the Grinnell College insurance, SHAW has partnered with the Virtual Care Group to provide 24/7 access to medical and counseling services. Medical services are provided by licensed medical doctors and nurses. Counseling is provided by licensed psychologists and counselors. These services are also provided for those students living on-campus or in the city of Grinnell.

Need A Nurse

This is a services that SHAW has provided for several years. It provides 24/7 access to nursing. Typically, this is for more acute medical issues. Although these services can also be provided by Healthiest You and the Virtual Care Group, we decided to keep it in place for the time being since many students are already familiar with this service.  This service is also provided for those students living on-campus or in the city of Grinnell.

Need To Talk

This is a 24/7 counseling service provided by Protocol which is staffed by licensed Master’s level professionals. It primarily serves as a crisis intervention service. As with Need A Nurse, we have decided to keep this for the time being since many students are already familiar with this service. This service is also provided for those students living on-campus or in the city of Grinnell.


SHAW counselors will be providing a series of topic-centered workshops for all students whether they are on- or off-campus. These are informational and not considered professional services.

Spectrum of Care Counseling Model

SHAW is currently developing the Spectrum of Care Model which is designed to offer a wide variety of services to help students improve their mental health. This includes a variety of services that are self-initiated along with those that are provided by our professional counselors. This approach is very different from the traditional model of counseling that SHAW has historically used which has resulted in long and unacceptable waiting lists.

Wellness and Prevention

Programming and speakers will be provided to all students whether they are on- of off-campus. Programs like Everfi will continue as in the past. Jen Jacobsen has been hired on a temporary basis in order to provide leadership with First Year Experience, NSO, and coordinating the Grinnellians Stay Connected website.

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