Student Employment

A limited number of student employment opportunities (on-campus or remote) related to academic continuity and other essential services will be available. Students living outside the US are not eligible for remote work. Some students have received a need-based work award as a component of their financial aid package. In those cases, Grinnell will apply institutional grant toward 50% of a need-based work award and make optional student loans available for the remaining 50%. This additional aid will not preclude earning wages through approved on-campus or remote work.

Student Employment Outside the United States

Due to regulatory considerations and compliance issues, students living outside of the United States will not be able to obtain remote employment at Grinnell. Unfortunately, no exceptions will be made to this policy. Students with need-based student employment as a component of their financial aid packages have had their employment replaced with ½ grant and ½ optional student loan to make up for the lost work opportunity.

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