Permission to Share Your Financial Aid Information

Someone (parent, guardian, aunt, uncle, etc.) may contact us on your behalf to:

  • Determine the status of your financial aid application – i.e. what documents are needed;
  • Clarify/discuss information on your application;
  • Discuss the type and amount of assistance you have been awarded or an outstanding balance.

Please take a few moments to provide information using this on-line form, which lets us know if we can share information and if so with whom.  Use your username without the to login.  

Textbook Lending Library Authorization Form

Family Share of Expenses

Parents are responsible for paying college costs to the greatest extent their income and assets permit. Parent contribution is determined by first deducting non-discretionary expenses such as taxes and basic cost of living expenses from income. With the remaining funds and assets, parents are then expected to contribute a portion toward educational expenses.

Students are also responsible for sharing in the cost of education. Grinnell expects students to contribute from summer employment income ($2500), work-study during the year ($2200), borrowing annually, and savings.

For institutional financial aid (which differs from federal assistance) we require the CSS Profile. Consequently, it is likely the student's need for federal aid will differ from the need for Grinnell aid.

Grinnell presupposes that both parents are primarily responsible for the student's educational expenses. Divorce or separation of the natural parents does not release either parent from this obligation. Grinnell cannot require parents to contribute the amount determined, but neither will Grinnell use its student aid resources to compensate for any part of the calculated amount that parents choose not to provide.

What if My Parents Refuse to Pay for My College Cost?

To be fair to all of our students, we can only base our financial aid decisions on ability and not willingness of parents to pay.