Man Enough? Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the Politics of Presidential Masculinity

Apr 04, 2017
Jackson Katz, Ph.D., will cover the 2016 election and the politics of presidential masculinity.

Grinnell College Student-Athletes Attend the NCAA’s APPLE Training Institute

Feb 23, 2017
Wilson Center sponsors students attending the nationally recognized program that promotes wellness and substance abuse prevention.

Global Public Health

Sep 17, 2015
Physician, humanitarian, and founding director of Partners in Health, Dr. Farmer speaks on global public health.

Synchronizing Mind and Body

Jun 29, 2015
One student’s approach to wellness at Grinnell.

Liberal Arts and an Embodied Life

Apr 23, 2015
Jonathan Miller-Lane’s talk explores the role of a liberal arts education in today’s world.

The Making of an Embodied Life

Apr 21, 2015
Jonathan Miller-Lane discusses the role the liberal arts education can play in today's society, with emphasis on an embodied approach.

Exercise to improve sleep

Dec 15, 2014
Exercise improves sleep quality and daytime alertness.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Oct 13, 2014
A diet rich in vegetables and fruits has many health benefits.

#GrinWell Begins

Sep 29, 2014
President Kington's 12-week wellness challenge begins.