Walk-in COVID-19 Testing Now Available for Students

October 08, 2021

On Monday, October 11, SHAW will begin offering walk-in COVID-19 antigen testing without an appointment during specified hours for students with mild* symptoms. Students experiencing more severe** symptoms, or symptoms that have lasted for longer than a few days, should call SHAW immediately at 641-269-3230 to schedule an appointment with a nurse. The nurse will provide a full evaluation and administer a test for COVID in addition to other illnesses as symptoms can overlap.  SHAW can then provide the appropriate over-the-counter medication or follow up care as needed.  

*Mild symptoms include (not limited to): slight sore throat, runny or stuffed up nose, slight cough, and headache.  
**Severe symptoms include new loss of taste/smell, strong cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, extremely sore throat, fever (100°F or greater), muscle or body aches, etc.   

Walk-In Testing  

The Walk-In Testing Clinic is an appropriate testing option only for students who have mild symptoms and are concerned they may unknowingly spread COVID-19 while attending classes or being in close proximity to others. Students with a fever greater than 100°F or are too ill to attend classes should contact SHAW to schedule an appointment.  

Location:   East door of SHAW in the forum by the railroad tracks and parking lot.  

Hours:   Monday – Friday 
7:00 – 9:00 a.m.   
noon – 1 p.m.   
3:30 – 4:30 p.m.  

Note: During the week of Fall break, the walk-in testing clinic will open limited hours from noon-2 p.m. The SHAW clinic will maintain normal operating hours for regular appointments. 

Class Absences  

  • Students are expected to let their faculty know before they miss a class due to illness.   
  • A student with a fever should not attend class and should be fever free for 24 hours before returning to class. A fever counts as anything above 100°F. Thermometers can be obtained at SHAW.  
  • SHAW does not provide notes for short-term illnesses.  
  • If a student feels ill longer than a few days they should schedule an appointment with SHAW. SHAW, the student, and Disability Resources will work together to alert faculty of any academic considerations a student may need because of a long-term illness.  Long-term illnesses include mono, concussions, etc.  

Questions can be directed to shaw@grinnell.edu

To Your Health,  

Terry Mason  

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