Weekly COVID-19 Testing Clinic Update: Feb 2, 2021

February 02, 2021

Weekly COVID-19 Testing Clinic Update

Tuesday, Feb 2, 2021

Dear Grinnellians,

SHAW cares deeply about your health and the health of our community. We are proud of the commitment our students, faculty, and staff are making every day to prevent transmission. We are heartened by the compassion and support that members of this community give each other. Please continue to practice pandemic precautions. Thank you for doing your part in keeping our community safe!

Critical Alert!

The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) has confirmed three cases of the COVID-19 variant SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.7 in Iowa on Monday. Two of the three cases were detected in Johnson County and one in Bremer County. This variant is often referred to as the U.K. variant because it was first detected in the United Kingdom. This strain can spread more easily than the original strain of COVID-19. Current COVID-19 vaccines are considered to be effective against the variant strain. Until those become available, it is imperative that we all need to follow Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and Grinnell College pandemic precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and its variants.

The CDC Shares Three Important Ways to Slow the Spread

  • Wear a mask to protect yourself and others and stop the spread of COVID-19 and variants. Here at Grinnell, we ask that our students, faculty and staff wear a shield in addition to a mask when out in public for extra protection.
  • Stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arm lengths) from others who don’t live with you.
  • Avoid crowds. The more people you are in contact with, the more likely you are to be exposed to COVID-19.

Testing Clinic Results

Results for the week of Jan. 25 – 29, 2021

Number of Unique Students Tested With Conclusive Results



Percent Positive

Self-Reported Positive Results From Other Test Sites*






Number of Unique Faculty/Staff Tested With Conclusive Results



Percent Positive

Self-Reported Positive Results From Other Test Sites*






Total for 2021 (since January 4, 2021)

Number of Unique Students Tested With Conclusive Results



Percent Positive

Self-Reported Positive Results From Other Test Sites*






Number of Unique Faculty/Staff Tested With Conclusive Results



Percent Positive

Self-Reported Positive Results From Other Test Sites*






*The State’s testing program does not report results to the College. The number in this column reflects reports by students, faculty or staff to SHAW and is not included in the positivity rate of the on-campus testing clinic.

For the week of Jan. 25, 2021, 544 unique students were tested with 539 being negative and 5 positive resulting in a 0.92% positivity rate. A total of 378 faculty and staff were tested with 376 being negative and 2 being positive resulting in a 0.53% positivity rate. Testing occurred on Monday through Wednesday and Friday (mass testing day).

For 2021, 554 unique students have been tested; 546 were negative and 8 were positive, yielding a 1.44% positivity rate. A total of 411 unique faculty and staff were tested; 401 were negative and 10 were positive, resulting in a 2.43% positivity rate.

Mass Testing on January 29, 2021

Thank you for participating in the Mass Testing Clinic on Friday, January 29th. We hope that you found this testing option easy to use and felt the operation ran smoothly for you. We tested 667 students, faculty and staff. Results indicated only 1 positive and 2 inconclusive. As you are aware, this was a pilot program, and thus it identified a glitch with the reporting piece we discovered on Saturday evening after the first batch of results were pushed out. Once we were able to work with Corteva Agriscience and Point and Click, our electronic medical records system, to correct the issue, a second push of test results were sent out with the corrected information. Please go back into the portal to review your results if you haven’t already. Anyone who tested positive or who had an inconclusive test result was notified directly by the SHAW nursing staff on Saturday. Thank you again for your participation.

Two Ways to be Tested for COVID-19

On Campus Testing Clinic

Grinnell has made tests available to students, staff, and faculty who are not already in the testing pool. To make an appointment, call SHAW at (641) 269-3230 and watch for an e-mail confirming your testing time. If you have been identified as being exposed to COVID-19 or if you have symptoms of COVID-19, call SHAW at (641) 269-3230 prior to your testing appointment to receive further directions for testing to ensure safety and well-being of our testing clinic staff.

Test Iowa Higher Education Site

The test site is located at the Grinnell Public Health building and is available to Grinnell College faculty, staff, students, and members of their direct households.

To schedule an appointment:

  • Complete the online higher-education TestIowa assessment to receive a unique test QR code. At the end of the assessment, select Grinnell College from the list of schools.
  • Then call (641) 236-2385 to schedule a test appointment.

Note: Do not use the general TestIowa assessment, as Grinnell College will not appear in the list of sites.

A Message From SHAW

The SHAW Testing Clinic team would like to ask all those using the Testing Clinic to please be conscious of the safety of the Testing Team. Before going to your appointment, please answer the following:

  • Do you have any flu like symptoms or are you feeling ill?
  • Have you been exposed to a person who has tested positive for COVID-19? If you have any questions regarding possible exposure, please call SHAW at 641-269-3230.

If you answer yes to either of these questions:

  • Call SHAW at 641-269-3230 to set up an OUTSIDE appointment.

Concerned About Those Who Increase Risk Due to Non-Compliance?

Most members of our community do a terrific job of following public health guidelines, but occasionally, some may put the community at risk due to non-compliance. As a reminder, Grinnell College urges you to utilize EthicsPoint to anonymously report observed PPE or other public health policy non-compliance issues. This information will help us understand how to better support our campus community with ongoing education and outreach opportunities. Here is the link:


To Your Health,


Terry W. Mason, Ph.D.

Dean for Health and Wellness


Ph: 641-269-4422

Fax: 641-269-4988


The information contained in this message may be privileged and confidential and protected from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient of this message, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify me immediately by replying to the message, and please delete it from your computer.

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