Your Advisers

Faculty Adviser

Your faculty adviser is your First-Year Tutorial professor. You’ll work with this adviser until you declare a major late in your second year, at which point your major adviser will become your faculty adviser.

You and your adviser will work together to develop a program of study liberal in both breadth and depth and adapted to your particular interests and long-term goals.  The conversations you have together will help you plan an individualized program of study, and meetings together will give you a place to bring academic and career concerns and to get advice and referrals.  This advising relationship is the hallmark of Grinnell’s individually-advised curriculum.  Read about the role of your faculty adviser and your role in this important advising relationship in Academic Planning for New Students.

Careers, Life, and Service Adviser

Your careers, life, and service (CLS) adviser is your main point of contact to support you in your professional, personal, and civic development during your time at Grinnell. You will meet with your CLS adviser during New Student Orientation and in subsequent meetings each semester to discuss your game plan to intentionally explore your values, strengths, and interests. Your CLS adviser will also assist you in acquiring experiences, knowledge, and skills to clarify and pursue a meaningful post-graduate pathway. You can access your CLS adviser as well as the other CLS specialty advisers by calling the Center for Careers, Life, and Service to set up an appointment, stopping by without an appointment during “quick stop” hours, and at CLS Express in the Spencer Grill.

Residence Life Coordinator (RLC)

Your residence life coordinator (RLC) lives in your residential cluster community. RLCs are professional staff members who serve as the primary resource for you and your neighbors. They are available throughout the day, and an on-call RLC is available 24 hours a day. Your RLC's first priority is supporting your success here at Grinnell — academically, socially, and personally!

Your RLC works in partnership with your community adviser (CA), a fellow Grinnellian living on your floor or within your residential building community. As a returning student, they've been through the transition to Grinnell and are trained as a peer to support you throughout the year. CAs will work with you and other residents to create an engaged, self-governing community in your building.

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