Roommate Pairing

Learning to live with a roommate is an important part of the Grinnell College experience. Students learn the necessary lifetime skills of negotiation, compromise, and communication when living with a peer. All first- and second-year students live with a roommate on campus.

Incoming first year students have the opportunity to complete a roommate preferences. To access the form, students need to log-in to their application status account. This is the same account that was used during your admissions application process.

Roommate preference forms must be submitted by May 30, 2018.

You’ll receive your roommate assignments by email in late July.

After we receive your roommate preferences, our staff members read through the information you provide to set you up for a positive roommate experience. From how you intend to keep your room to what time you plan on going to sleep, we will try to match you with someone who is looking for a similar living style. We also consider your interests and hometowns as we try to help create lasting friendships and an opportunity for you to appreciate the diversity of experiences, talents, and cultures that Grinnellians have to offer.

 Once you receive your roommate assignment we encourage you to reach out to your roommate before packing and coming to Grinnell to kick off your relationship.