Preparation for Careers that Matter

Grinnell prepares students for careers that matter. From the moment you arrive on campus, you’ll be encouraged to explore your own values, interests, and goals. In your first semester, you’ll be paired with one of the 26 staff members from the Center for Careers, Life and Service, who will serve as your career adviser for your first year at Grinnell. They will show you what their office does: resume editing, cover letter writing, headshots for your LinkedIn profile picture, etiquette dinners, mock in-person and phone interviews, and more.

During first or second year, you’ll also have the opportunity to obtain an unpaid but fully funded job shadowing opportunity with a Grinnell alum over spring break. We call them “externships,” and they allow you to get a taste of a career to see if it’s something you want to explore further. And the best part is, since this is an opportunity for underclassmen, you don't even have to have declared a major yet.

Summers are a great time for internships. The CLS will help you locate one that’s a good fit and, if it’s unpaid or under-paid, you can apply for funding from the CLS. In 2017, the CLS provided over $420,000 to students to help cover their housing, food, and transportation expenses. They don’t want you to have to say no to a great opportunity in New York City at a low-pay or no-pay company because of finances.

Where can you do an internship? Here are a few examples:

  • Amazon (multiple locations)
  • Aarogoya Foundation (Kathmandu, Nepal)
  • Bloomberg (New York)
  • Center for Constitutional Rights (Washington, D.C.)
  • Ernst & Young (Mumbai, India)
  • Facebook (multiple locations)
  • Foundation for Sustainable Development (Masaka, Uganda)
  • Goldman Sachs (Jersey City, N.J.)
  • Google (multiple locations)
  • International Bridges to Justice (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles)
  • Museum of Modern Art (New York)
  • New England Aquarium (Boston)
  • Sierra Club (Seattle)
  • Sonco Wasi (Cusco, Peru)
  • United States Senate (Washington, D.C.)
  • U.S. Department of State (Munich, Germany)

The CLS will also show you that Grinnellians love Grinnellians! Through our strong alumni network, Grinnell is able to offer opportunities for you to explore internships and jobs that are only available to Grinnell College students. You also have access to databases that provide you with the means to connect with alums in different stages of their careers.

And lastly, for students looking at graduate or professional schools, we have Career Communities. Beginning in the fall of 2017, five career communities will begin in business and finance, education, government and social service, law, and STEM. These career communities are designed to provide tailored support and programming for students who are interested in careers within these fields. Through specialized advising and connections to peers, recruiters, and alumni, students are able to delve into their specific industry or career and the opportunities available to them as an undergraduate. Using experiential learning opportunities and making a range of services accessible for students to take advantage of, students feel more prepared for their lives after college in the field they have devoted themselves to.