The Strategic Planning process, begun with a Board of Trustees retreat in June, is in full swing on campus with students, faculty, staff, and alumni involved in working groups on an aggressive timeline.  A 24-member Steering Committee, co-chaired by David Lopatto, chair of the faculty, and Angela Voos, special assistant to the President, leads the working groups which are focused on idea generation and data collection for five key topics:

  • Distinctiveness of Grinnell College
  • Teaching and learning
  • Enrollment
  • Post-Graduation Success
  • Alumni Engagement

Each working group will also consider how the specified topic can address eight cross-cutting themes important to the college community.  The one-year timeline anticipates that working groups will submit ideas by the end of fall semester for budget, market testing and analysis in the spring.

Grinnellians on campus will receive regular updates via email, the Laurel Leaf, town hall meetings, and Pioneer Web;  Grinnellians off-campus will receive periodic strategic planning updates via Grinnell News Online, the Loggia, and the Grinnell Magazine.  Comments are welcomed via the Strategic Planning website, email strategic planning or text to 612-STRATGY (612-787-2849).

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