Students, alumni, and faculty presented at Central States Anthropological Society in April, 2017.

Students included:

  • Denise Ruvalcaba ’19: “Parental Gendering Practices for Infants Under Two Years”
  • Tiffany Matzas ’19: “Changing Channels: A Case Study of Subversive Masculinities in Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe”
  • Moya Roarty ’19: “Infant Technology Consumption: Who Supports It and Why?”
  • Misha Laurence ’18: “An Epistemological Comparison Between Two Paradigms of Medical Cannabis Use”
  • Nadia Graese ’17: “Finding a Voice: Speech and Voice Therapy for Female-to-Male Individuals”

Alumni that presented were:

  • Claire Branigan ’11: “Memory and the Ni Una Menos Movement in Argentina”
  • Branigan is getting her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign 
  • Scott Olson ’15: “Configuring Brotherhood: Leather, AIDS, and Memories of Kinship”
  • Olson is getting his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa

Faculty that presented were:

  • Brigittine French: “Remembering Tammy Zywicki: The Specter of Feminicide in the Americas“
  • Shuchi Kapila: “Postmemory and Historical Trauma in the Indian Partition of 1947”

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