Thursday, Mar. 27, 2014 5:21 pm

Thursday, April 3, four experts on technology in higher education share their ideas about the intersection of liberal arts with teaching and learning technologies.

Speakers’ bios, the schedule, and descriptions of presentations are available online.

Also included are several short videos of Grinnell professors discussing how they use technology in their teaching:

  • Erik Simpson, professor of English, discusses his students’ development of electronic resources for reading and analyzing James Joyce’s “Ulysses.”
  • Elaine Marzluff, professor of chemistry, describes how her students use iPads to collaborate and share their work in class.
  • Todd Armstrong, professor of Russian, explains how his beginning language students use various technologies such as online scrapbooks and VoiceThread to create personal narratives, and Skype to talk with their peers in Russia.
  • Chris Ralston, professor of psychology, describes how he uses Classroom Salon, a document annotation application that allows students to share questions and comments. The program also allows Ralston to review their annotations and to guide discussion accordingly.
  • Cynthia Hansen, professor of anthropology, describes her use of smart pens and video conferencing to assist her students’ study of linguistics and phonology.
  • Catherine Rod, special collections librarian and archivist, and Sam Dunnington ’14 share new venues for publication of student work and greater access to primary materials through the college library.
  • Sam Rebelsky, professor of computer science, talks about the methods and technologies used in Grinnell’s innovative and internationally recognized computer science curriculum.