Outline of the 2014 Fall Semester Schedule: 

Please take this as an overview and limit your outside plans until after the first several weeks in Washington. Details about the semester, such as dates and destinations of some co-curricular activities including event with alumni, will be finalized then. 

Saturday, 23 August: Recommended date for arrival in Washington. WISH Woodley Park housing is open for checking in between noon and 6pm. 

Week of Monday 25 to 29 August: First meetings with Professor Bentley-Condit in a more intensive initial course schedule

Monday, 1 September: Labor Day, National Holiday 

Monday, 8 September: tentative start date of internships 

Friday, 24 October: GIW Fall Break 

Friday, 12 December: Last day of classes 

Saturday, 13 December: Departure from program