Opportunities in Film

Research and Projects


Mentored Advanced Projects (MAPs)

Many academic programs offer a Mentored Advanced Project (MAP), either as independent study or in the context of a seminar. The MAP, closely guided by a faculty director, gives upper-level students opportunity to culminate a sequence of academic work by completing an advanced project in research or creative arts.

MAPs currently offered include:

Independent Study

Guided Reading 297 and Independent Study 397 provide an opportunity for a student to explore an academic area not part of the present College offerings. Either might include reading of a body of literature, reproducing published scientific experiments, learning advanced techniques, or exploring an art. The design of an independent project is very much in the hands of the student, with advice from the faculty director. Guided Reading and Independent Study, in comparison to projects conducted under the rubric of a Mentored Advanced Project, have less formal application procedures, require significantly less faculty direction, and do not have the expectation of producing results intended for dissemination to the wider scholarly community.

Plus 2

A course-related independent study option referred to as the “Plus-2” permits a student to choose an independent study component that adds two credits to a regular course. With the approval of the instructor, this option is available in some courses above the introductory (100) level. The Plus-2 provides opportunities for more extensive work in some aspect of a course, for more extensive exploration of general literature of a course, for additional studio or laboratory activity, or for other corollary work.

Directed Research

Directed Research (299 or 399) is an opportunity for a student to work under the continuous direction of a faculty member on a research project, often of the faculty director’s design. Directed research, in comparison to projects conducted under the rubric of a Mentored Advanced Project, has less formal application procedures and does not necessarily have the expectation of producing results intended for dissemination to the wider scholarly community.

Off-Campus/Summer Study

Manhattan Film Institute

Registration for the 2014 Summer Season of the Manhattan Film Institute is now open.  The program will take place from July 6-20, 2014 on the North Fork of Long Island.

MFI is a boutique film conservatory that offers a unique opportunity for college students who want to expand or create their reel in just 2 weeks time while supplementing their college education with hands on classes taught by industry professionals as well as experienced actors, writers, and directors.

More information is available on the Manhattan Film Institute flyer.

Career Development



Search and apply for job and internships through College’s Handshake website.

Grinnellink Internships

These internships are specific opportunities with College alumni and friends are open exclusively to Grinnell students. These opportunities are competitive and will provide funding to the selected student. Internship sites change from year to year and may include opportunities in museum studies, art and design, environmental issues, healthcare, social services, biotechnology, financial equity analysis research, and legal services on constitutional issues to name a few. Grinnellink internships can be viewed in Handshake and at the Center for Careers, Life, and Service at 1127 Park Street.


Externships vary in length, but usually last three to five days. They generally involve shadowing a Grinnell alumnus professional through a normal day's activities and may include informational interviews, a tour of the facility, and participation in actual office projects. This program can help students explore their career options and talk with professionals in order to: [1] clarify their career exploration and interests, [2] connect their course work to outside the classroom and their future plans, and [3] connect with and learn from alumni externship mentors.