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Experiment used on Skylab designed by George Simon '55

Fri, 2011-07-22 14:36 | By Anonymous (not verified)

Sunspot scientist came close to flying on orbital mission

Las Cruses Bulletin
Las Cruses, Nm., United States
July 22, 2011

The scientist who looked up at the Sun from atop the Sacramento Mountains hoped to get an even closer look, as a payload specialist, during the STS-51F Space Shuttle Challenger flight.

“Space Center Commissioner Dr. George Simon should be riding high … doing his scientific research in a locale that will be the envy of many of his colleagues,” the January 1985 Space Log reported. The International Space Hall of Fame (ISHF) in Alamogordo publishedthe journal. Simon was on the backup list, and did not make the Spacelab 2 mission that launched on July 29, 1985.

Person Mentioned: Alumnus/a- George Simon '55

Hankel Transforms of Linear Combinations of Catalan Numbers

Fri, 2011-04-29 15:43 | By Anonymous (not verified)

Professor Christopher French cowrote an article, "Hankel Transforms of Linear Combinations of Catalan Numbers" with math majors Michael Dougherty, Benjamin Saderholm, and Wenyang Qian, all math majors in the class of 2012. The article appeared on April 20 in the Journal of Integer Sequences, Vol. 14 (2011), Article 11.5.1. In this paper, the authors consider the result of applying a certain operation called the Hankel Transform to certain sequences of numbers obtained in a natural way from the famous Catalan number sequence. Other authors had shown that when one applies the Hankel Transform to the sequence of sums of adjacent Catalan numbers, the resulting sequence consists of every other Fibonacci number. This paper generalizes that result to more general linear combinations of Catalan numbers. The research for this work was done during the summer of 2010, as part of a MAP that Dougherty, Saderholm, and Qian participated in.

Professors spend Spring Break doing Math

Fri, 2011-04-01 09:09 | By Anonymous (not verified)


Professors Shuman, Blanchard, Chamberland, T. Moore, and E. Moore take advantage of spring recess to attend workshops, do research, and give lectures.

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Shuman Spends Spring Break at Oberwolfach

  • Karen Shuman spent March 27 - April 2 at the mathematical research institute (Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach) in Oberwolfach, Germany---a mathematical retreat nestled in the beautiful Black Forest. The workshop she attended focused on wavelets, frames, operator theory, and representation theory. Workshop participants are not expected to give talks; instead, they attend just a few talks each day and spend the rest of the time working with their fellow participants in one of the best mathematical libraries in the world.

Blanchard Gives NIU Mathematics Colloquium

  • Jeff Blanchard visited a collaborator at Northern Illinois University from March 30 - April 2 continuing their work on Composite Dilation Wavelets. On April 1, Blanchard gave the Mathematics Colloquium where he discussed his work with Compressed Sensing. The related paper,Compressed Sensing: How Sharp is the Restricted Isometry Property?, which appears in the current issue of SIAM Review, has been in the top ten most downloaded papers across all SIAM journals for both March (#6) and April (#7).

Chamberland Presents Kelvin Lecture at Coe College

  • On March 1, Marc Chamberland, the Myra Steele Professor of Mathematics, gave the Kelvin Lecture at Coe College titled "Chaos: Where Order Meets Disorder". The Kelvin Lecture is Coe College's annual invited mathematics lecture for undergraduates.

Tom and Emily Moore give invited addresses at Eastern Kentucky University

  • On Tuesday, March 15, Tom Moore gave an invited address at Eastern Kentucky University titled "'Mothering' behavior in female baboons: using permutation tests to establish the significance of observed patterns." This talk was based upon joint work with Vicki Bentley-Condit of Grinnell's Anthropology Dept.


  • On Thursday, March 17, Emily Moore gave an invited address at Eastern Kentucky University titled "Difference Sets." This talk introduced the audience to ideas that are part of the textbook Professor Moore is writing with Harriet Pollatsek of Mt. Holyoke College.