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William Case

Case William
Senior Faculty


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On-Campus Address: 

Noyce Science Center 1039
1116 Eighth Ave
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States

Education / Degrees: 

Ph.D. (Physics), 1971, Syracuse University
M.S. (Physics), 1966, Syracuse University
B.S. (Physics), 1963, Syracuse University

Courses Taught: 

Phy-131: General Physics I with Lab
Phy-132: General Physics II with Lab
Phy-180: Bridges, Towers and Skyscrapers
Phy-234: Mechanics
Phy-456: Introduction to Quantum Theory
Phy-457: Advanced Quantum Theory

Primary Academic Interest: 

Fundamental questions of Quantum Mechanics with Anton Zeilinger's group at the University of Vienna

Academic Interests: 

Electromagnetic Theory and Plasma Physics
Simple Mechanical Systems and Nonlinear behavior