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Edward D Cohn

Cohn Edward
Director of the Rosenfield Program, Spring 2015
Assistant Professor


Edward Cohn came to Grinnell in 2007 after completing a Ph.D. in Russian history at the University of Chicago. A 1999 graduate of Swarthmore College, he worked for a year as a journalist before entering graduate school and specializes in the social and political history of the Soviet Union in the decades after World War II.

Professor Cohn's publications include the article "Sex and the Married Communist: Family Troubles, Marital Infidelity, and Party Discipline in the Postwar USSR, 1945-1964," which was published in the July 2009 issue of The Russian Review.  He is now working on two main research projects.  First, he is revising his doctoral dissertation on expulsion and censure in the USSR's postwar Communist Party for publication as a monograph; this work examines the reconstruction of the party's system of internal discipline after the Great Terror and World War II, focusing on investigations of corruption, war-time collaboration with the Nazis, drunkenness, and sexual misconduct.  Second, he is beginning a new project on the efforts of the KGB to fight political dissent in the Baltic states through the use of preemptive warnings between 1953 and 1991.

Professor Cohn is also a former chair of the Russian, Central, and Eastern European Studies concentration (RCEES).  He travels frequently to Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and is always happy to work with students on independent research projects related to the region.

Campus Phone: 

(641) 269-3107


(641) 269-4733


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On-Campus Address: 

316 Mears Cottage
1213 Sixth Avenue
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States

Education / Degrees: 

Ph.D. in Russian history at the University of Chicago

Courses Taught: 

HIS 100: Making History: Europe Under the Great Dictators HIS 241: Origins of Modern Russia HIS 242: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union HIS 244: Ivan and Fritz Go to War: The Nazi-Soviet Conflict on World War II's Eastern Front Seminars Taught: HIS 342: Stalinism HIS 352: Film and Historiography

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