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Jonathan C Edwards

Jon Edwards
Senior Associate Director of Admission


Email: edwardsj[at]grinnell[dot]edu

Where are you from originally and what do you like most about living in Grinnell?

I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin and always appreciated living in a ‘college town.’ For my family and I, Grinnell offers those same cultural, intellectual, and social benefits, all in a manageable (and very affordable) package. We live just across the street from campus and feel especially connected to the college community. Given the proximity, I can also say that Grinnellians have exceptional taste in music, which we sometimes get to hear on the weekends!

What do you like to do in your free time?

Usually, free time means family time with my wife and two young boys. My wife works in the Student Affairs Office with international students I recruit, so we often go to campus events to cheer them on or get them together at our house. I listen to, play, and record lots of music in my home studio and, lately, I’ve been learning Tae Kwon Do with my youngest son. I get to travel quite a bit for my job, but we also like to travel as a family as much as we can, usually during the summer. I also spend a fair amount of time talking with my boys about Pokemon character evolution, Monty Python dialog (with convincing British accents), and Angry Birds strategy.

What do you like most about Grinnell students?

A common trait I’ve noticed among Grinnellians is their creativity and passion for exploration and expression through the arts. Students are fearless artists here and I’m often pleasantly surprised by their maturity and the depth of content. As a long-time drummer, I have enjoyed performing and recording with many talented student musicians and songwriters. When I hear them, I figure they must be music majors, but often they turn out to be bio, psych, English - anything but. They are always very gracious and let the ‘old guy’ sit in with them!    

Campus Phone: 

(641) 269-3614


On-Campus Address: 

212 John Chrystal Center
Grinnell, IA 50112

Admission Counselor


Territory: International (except Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom)