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Daniel H Kaiser
Joseph F. Rosenfield Professor of Social Studies



Kaiser has taught at Grinnell since 1979, and in 2008, entered Senior Faculty Status. A specialist in medieval and early modern Russia, Mr. Kaiser has studied legal, social, and demographic history. He is the author ofThe Growth of the Law in Medieval Russia (Princeton University Press, 1980), and is editor and translator of The Laws of Rus'-Tenth to Fifteenth Centuries (Charles Schlacks, 1992). He is also editor of The Workers' Revolution in Russia, the View from Below (Cambridge University Press, 1987), and with Gary Marker edited Reinterpreting Russian History, Readings 860-1860s (Oxford University Press, 1994). He is currently at work on two large projects, one devoted to the history of domestic life in early modern Russia, and another examining immigration from the Russian Empire. In his spare time Kaiser enjoys listening to keyboard and choral music, likes to travel, and sometimes experiments in the kitchen.

Campus Phone: 

(641) 269-3088


(641) 269-4733


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On-Campus Address: 

207 Harry Hopkins House
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States

Courses Taught: 

Tutorial: "Campus Culture Wars" (Fall 1997) Tutorial: "Freedom" (Fall 2005) Tutorial: "Neighbors" (Fall 2006) History 105: Cultural Encounters in History (Fall 2002) History 241: Origins of Modern Russia (Fall 2004) History 242: Revolutionary Russia (Spring 2007) History 341: Family Life in Early Modern Russia History 341: Remembering Russia's Past: The Memoir in Russian History (Spring 2006) History 342: Stalinism (Fall 2006) "Memory and Autobiography: An Historians' Workshop" (Spring 2011)

Primary Academic Interest: 

medieval and early modern Russia

Curriculum Vitae/Resume: