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Kelly Maynard

Kelly Maynard
Associate Professor
Department Chair of European Studies


Kelly Maynard joined the faculty at Grinnell in 2009 after teaching in the history and art history departments at Scripps College. Her current project, entitled Hearing Wagner in France at the Fin-de-Siècle: Music and the Interior World, is an interdisciplinary monograph building upon her doctoral dissertation at UCLA. It explores the ways in which musical experience shaped habits of mind among French listeners of Wagner’s works in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Other research subjects include the independent presses of the late nineteenth century in Paris, cultural tourism and the Bayreuth Festival, and early German Expressionism. Professor Maynard is the chair of the Western European Studies Concentration, (currently under revision in 2012), and welcomes student interest in any research projects related to European culture, politics, and society from the eighteenth century to the present.   Courses Taught:  HIS 100 Making History: The Rise of the Railroad HIS 100 Making History: Europe in the Age of Revolutions, 1789-1917 HIS 237 The Spectacle of Modern France HIS 238 The Making of Modern Germany HIS 239 Tyrants and Tunesmiths: Opera, Politics, and Society in Modern Europe Seminar Taught: HIS 336: Representing the Metropolis

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European Studies