Jennifer Jacobsen

Department head of Wellness

Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Wellness and Prevention

Jen Jacobsen is from Schaumburg, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, and most of her extended family still lives in that area. Jen earned her BA from Grinnell College for History, with concentration in Russian and Eastern European Studies. She earned her MA in Sports, Health, Leisure, and Physical Studies with a concentration on Sport Psychology Cultural Studies from the University of Iowa. Jen has just earned her Masters of Public Health from the University of Minnesota. Jen says she is still a recreational athlete in her spare time. She also enjoys traveling, gardening, reading, and walking her dogs.

The part of Grinnell College that Jen likes best are the students. She adds that they “are passionate, committed, and challenging.” She only wishes she had time to get to know them all!

Jen’s main areas of responsibility include promoting overall student well-being by teaching 1-credit wellness courses through physical education, and working with the Student Athlete Mentor (SAM) program. Her work also includes primary prevention work to address both high-risk substance use and sexual misconduct, assessment of student health and wellness, as well as coordinating and co-facilitating active bystander programming for faculty, staff, and students.  Jen also chairs the Harm Reduction Committee, the Athletic Integration Committee, and the Wellness Committee, and she serves on the Title IX Task Force.

Jen’s office is located on the 2nd floor of the Bear Recreation and Athletic Center, but is often travelling throughout campus during the day. To schedule appointments with Jen, you can email her or call 641-269-3700.