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Timothy Butterfield

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Assistant Director of Admission
Email: buttert[at]grinnell[dot]edu

What I Do

Spread the word to prospective students about all that Grinnell College has to offer ... "on the road" (at high schools, college fairs, and interviews around the country) and right here in the Office of Admission, where I interview students and lead information sessions. Read the applications of Grinnell's many impressive applicants and – as a member of the admission committee – make amazing (and sometimes tough) decisions. Assist with tour guide hires and help with the tour guide program. Look for time to get in a run. Cheer for the New York Yankees – specifically Derek Jeter – and the Saint Louis Cardinals. Practice French with my sister.

What I Did

Lived the first decade of my life in New Jersey (hence, my love for the Yankees). Spent the next ten years with my family in Saint Louis, Missouri (hence, my love for the Cardinals). Returned to the East Coast for college and earned a degree in English (hence, my love for grammar). Studied abroad in Stockholm, Sweden for one semester during my junior year (hence, my ability to speak Swedish).

What I Love

Long-distance running. All kinds of sports (favorites include: baseball, racquetball, basketball, cycling, and swimming). Making and editing movies with friends and family. Languages: English (I'm an English grammar nerd), French, Swedish! Visiting my parents in Saint Louis, my sister and brother-in-law in Baltimore, and my grandparents in New York.

Campus Phone: 

(641) 269-3031

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