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Linda L DeGeeter

Financial Assistant

the Office of Student Financial Aid that you'll meet. I answer calls and often sit at the front counter to greet our visitors. My job is to help families by explaining the financial aid application process and timeline, as well as to distinguish our process from those of other schools. For those who need additional guidance regarding their specific circumstances, I can assist by directing you to a financial aid counselor who can address your concerns.

I've now worked at Grinnell for almost 23 years, but I've lived everywhere! I was born in Missouri, but during my childhood I went to nine different schools in 13 years ... in Missouri, California, Texas, and Illinois. My husband used to be in the Air Force, and together we've also lived in Bitburg, Germany and Valdosta, Georgia. Happily, we settled in my husband's hometown of Brooklyn, IA and have been there now for 38 years. We raised four kids (including twins!) there and are now enjoying all six of our grandchildren.

Campus Phone: 

(641) 269-3250

On-Campus Address: 

OPEN-1 John Chrystal Center
Grinnell, IA