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Katy Layton-Jones

Katy Layton-Jones
Assistant Professor

Since completing her Ph.D. in history at Cambridge University in 2006, Dr. Layton-Jones has been employed on a number of research projects and lecturing posts at Liverpool University, City University and the Open University. Her professional interests cover British social and cultural history from the eighteenth to the twentieth century. In particular, her scholarship focuses on urban themes and involves analysing visual evidence such as prints, engravings and illustrations. She currently lectures at the University of Leicester, where she teaches a number of courses including an MA course in Urban History and a new undergraduate module on the British Empire and Industrial Exhibitions. The research project on which she is currently engaged combines a range of perspectives to research the social, political and cultural significance of public parks and open green spaces from 1700 to 1990.

Education / Degrees: 

Ph.D. in history at Cambridge University