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Christopher Mayo

Assistant Professor

Christopher Mayo received his B.A. and M.A. from the East Asian Languages and Cultures Department at the University of Kansas and his Ph.D. from the East Asian Studies Department at Princeton University. His research and publications focus on the history of East Asia, particularly that of Japan over the last five centuries. They reflect interests that include religion and warfare, law and society, and historical memory. He addressed these issues in his dissertation, "Mobilizing Deities: Deus, Gods, Buddhas, and the Warrior Band in Sixteenth-Century Japan," which explores the role of religion in the disintegration of one of the most powerful warrior clans of the period. Highlighting the importance of beliefs and rituals in the politics of sixteenth-century Japan, it revises our understanding of Christianity's impact on traditional warrior society. His most recent publication is a chapter entitled "The Ōtomo and Competition in the Ritual Marketplace" in Ōuchi to Ōtomo: Chūsei Nishi Nihon no nidai daimyō 大内と大友 中世西日本の二大大名 [The Ōuchi and Ōtomo: Two major lords of western Japan during the Medieval Period] (Tokyo: Bensei Shuppan 勉誠出版, 2013).

At Grinnell College, Mayo shares his passion for East Asian history in courses that include "East Asia in World History, 1500 to the Present" (Fall 2013); "Modern Japan, 1868 to the Present" (Fall 2013); "Early-Modern Japan, 1600 to 1868" (Spring 2014); "Historical Trauma, Memory, and Identity in East Asia" (Spring 2014); and "From Samurai to Soldiers: Japan at War" (Spring 2014).

For more about Christopher Mayo, see his website at http://www.christopher-mayo.com

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