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Jennifer McGovern

Writing Laboratory Assistant

Jen tutored in the University of Iowa's Writing Center for eight and a half years.  She has taught English courses at Beloit, Cornell, and Whitman Colleges, including American literary surveys, dystopian literature, Native American literature, and Australian aboriginal/New Zealand Maori literature. Her dissertation discusses nineteenth-century women's Indian captivity narratives, a sensational genre that was as popular as action-adventure films are today.  She enjoys reading dystopian novels (like The Hunger Games), traveling (recently to Australia), and playing with her cats (who keep her from typing when they walk across her keyboard).


Campus Phone: 

(641) 269-4375


(641) 269-4985

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On-Campus Address: 

132A Alumni Recitation Hall
Grinnell, IA
United States

Education / Degrees: 

B.A. in English, Univ. of Chicago
M.A. in English, Univ. of Iowa
Ph.D. in English (ABD), Univ. of Iowa

Courses Taught: 

WRT 101 Secs. 05 and 06 Basic Principles of Writing


Academic Interests: 

American, Native American, and global indigenous literatures