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Saunia Powell

Assistant Director of Post-Graduate Service & Coordinator of the Grinnell Prize

Saunia creatively coordinates three flagship programs at Grinnell that highlight the college's commitment to social justice: the Grinnell College Innovators for Social Justice Prize, the Grinnell Corps program of global post-graduate fellowships, and a number of alumni service grants.

After graduating from Grinnell in 2002 as a theatre major, Saunia moved to Jiangsu, China, to teach English at a rural middle school. Once again Stateside, Saunia lived in the Smokey Mountains and the Pacific Northwest, exploring various lives in the service and non-profit industries. Finally settling (for a time) in Berkeley, California, she dove into a study of theology—specifically the intersections of Christianity, queer and postcolonial theories. One master’s degree and half a doctorate later, Saunia returned to her alma mater in Iowa. She considers herself exceedingly lucky to work with the crackerjack staff in the Center for Careers, Life, and Service.