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Saunia Powell



Saunia creatively coordinates three flagship programs at Grinnell that highlight post-graduate civic responsibility and social justice:  the Innovator for Social Justice Prize (a.k.a. Grinnell Prize), the Wall Alumni Service Award, and Grinnell Corps Fellowships.

The daughter of two Midwesterners, Saunia grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania. After graduating from Grinnell College in 2002 as a theatre major, she moved to Jiangsu, China, to teach English at a rural middle school. Once again Stateside, Saunia lived in the Smokey Mountains and the Pacific Northwest, exploring various lives in the service and non-profit industries. Finally settling (for a time) in Berkeley, California, she dove into a study of theology—specifically the intersections of Christianities with queer and postcolonial theories. One master’s degree and half a doctorate later, Saunia decided to leave the West Coast library for good. She arrived back “home” in the summer of 2013 to administer the Grinnell Prize and was excited when, in 2014, she got to expand upon her work with social justice makers to include student mentoring in post-graduate service. She considers herself exceedingly lucky to work with the crackerjack staff in the Center for Careers, Life, and Service.

You can friend her dog on Facebook [Oscar Bradford].


On-Campus Address: 
Assistant Director of Post-Graduate Service & Coordinator of the Grinnell Prize