Associate Professor - Department Chair

Joe's research interests lie in mathematical logic. With the tools of logic, he is able to play the spoiler in mathematics by showing that certain statements are either impossible to... See this person's full profile

Director of the Mathematics Laboratory

Renee is a 1996 graduate of Grinnell College with a major in mathematics.  She started her career in mathematics education while a student at Grinnell by working as a grader, Math Lab... See full profile

Arnie Adelberg portrait
Professor, Emeritus

Arnold's research interests lie in number theory and algebraic geometry. He recently published the paper "Bounds of divided universal Bernoulli numbers and universal Kummer congruences... See full profile

Jeff Blanchard portrait
Assistant Professor

Jeff is an applied harmonic analyst studying composite dilation wavelets and compressed sensing. With applications to digital signal processing, these fields explore the mathematics of... See full profile

Chamberland Marc
Myra Steele Professor of Mathematics

Marc Chamberland enjoys teaching a diverse set of courses in the mathematics curriculum. With the support of an NSF grant, he has developed materials to emphasize computer discovery.... See full profile

Portrait photograph of Pamela Fellers
Assistant Professor

Pamela’s research interests include statistical modeling and statistics education. Specifically, she works on developing and evaluating mixed-model methods for applications in education... See full profile

Christopher French

Christopher's research involves the study of association schemes. This study originally arose in statistics, but has since yielded applications to a wide variety of other fields,... See full profile

Gene Herman portrait
Professor, Emeritus

Gene's greatest interest for many years has been the use of computing in teaching and learning mathematics. The most significant result of his efforts in this area is the textbook which... See full profile

Charles Jepsen portrait
Professor, Emeritus

When Chuck moved from Senior Faculty Status to Professor Emeritus, he gave up his last teaching related duty: conducting summer research with Grinnell students. This was an activity he... See full profile

Associate Professor - Statistics Department Chair

On Leave 2015-2016

Jeff came to Grinnell in 2009, and was previously a faculty member at Mississippi State University and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, where he... See full profile

Shonda Kuiper portrait

Professor Kuiper’s courses at Grinnell emphasize the application of statistics to multiple disciplines, a topic she also emphasizes in her research. Prior to teaching, she worked as a... See full profile

Emily Moore portrait
Professor, Emerita

Emily's research is in combinatorics. She has published papers in graph theory (where G is a graph, v is a vertex, and chi is the chromatic number of a graph) and in difference sets (... See full profile

Tom Moore portrait
Professor, Emeritus

My scholarship has mostly been in statistics education, where I have contributed journal articles, organized and participated in sessions and panels at national meetings, edited one book... See full profile

Chris Olsen portrait
Assistant Professor

Visiting Professor

Chris taught statistics at Washington High School before moving into administrative work as an assessment specialist in the Cedar Rapids, IA, community schools... See full profile

Associate Professor

Jen works in a field of math called arithmetic geometry. Her research blends ideas from geometry, algebra, and number theory. And no, it doesn't mean that she is any good at arithmetic.... See full profile

Karen Shuman portrait
When Karen went to college, she was convinced that she would be an English and history double major. Her first-year proof-based calculus class changed her plans completely.

The main... See full profile

Andrew Uzzell
Assistant Professor

Andrew's research is in graph theory, which is the study of networks.  His main focus is extremal graph theory, the study of how large or small a graph can be while possessing a given... See full profile

Royce Wolf
Associate Professor

Royce studies spherical virtual knots, a concept defined and explored by his summer research students. Characterizing these knots relies on interplay between combinatorics, topology and... See full profile