The Grinnellink internship program offers summer internship opportunities that have a connection with College alumnus and/or friends of the college. Grinnellink internships provide Grinnell College students with quality experiences to build on their academic background, develop professional skills and confidence, and to foster career exploration. Although there are many valuable internship opportunities available to college students, a Grinnellink internship provides Grinnell students the unique opportunity to develop and cultivate their professional network with alumni and/or friends of the college. In addition, any student who secures an unpaid 8-10 week, full time Grinnellink internship is eligible to apply for Grinnellink Grant funding to off-set the costs of food, transportation, and housing during their internship.

Summer 2015 Application Process


2015 Key Dates

Sunday, March 1, 2015: Funding application goes live via OrgSync

Monday, April 6, 2015: Internship funding application due for summer 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view available summer Grinnellink internship opportunities? Log in to your PioneerLink account and click on the Grinnellink Internship tab next to All Position Types. The filtered list will only show Grinnellink opportunities.  Grinnellink internships are added throughout the academic year, so perform this search periodically to view new Grinnellink opportunities.

Are Grinnellink internships only offered to Grinnell students? Some Grinnellink opportunities are open exclusively to Grinnell students and others are not.  Each internship posting will state whether it is available for Grinnell students only.

Is there a GPA requirement for Grinnellink internships?   Students will need to meet the specific criteria for each internship as specified by the employer in the position description listed on PioneerLink. Students who secure an unpaid Grinnellink internship and would like to apply for Grinnellink Grant funding must have a GPA of 2.5 and be in good academic standing.

Are Grinnellink internships paid? Each Grinnellink internship opportunity is different.  Some employers pay the intern directly through an hourly wage or stipend.  Some employers off unpaid internships.  Students selected for these may apply for competitive Grinnellink Grant Funding for food, transportation, and house costs through a stipend (summer only).

Are Grinnellink internships only offered in the summer? Most Grinnellink internships are offered during the summer.   There are limited numbers of Grinnellink internships offered throughout the academic year.

Are all class years eligible to apply for Grinnelllink internships? Seniors are not eligible to apply for Grinnellink Grant Funding.

Can I apply to more than one Grinnellink internship?  Students are encouraged to apply for any Grinnellink internship to which they are interested.

If I have an unpaid Grinnellink internship, how do I apply for funding? The Grinnellink funding application is available through OrgSync.

What materials are needed to apply for Grinnellink funding? All required materials/documents for the Grinnellink Grant funding application are available OrgSync.  Application Checklist.

How do I apply for Grinnellink Grant funding? The Grinnellink funding application is available through OrgSync

When is the application deadline for Grinnellink Grant Funding? All application materials must be submitted online via OrgSync before 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 6, 2015.