Securing an internship is an extensive process with many facets, but always worth it in the end. The good news is that you don’t have to navigate this process on your own. The four methods of finding an internship are outlined below. Be sure to diversify your search among these four methods, and apply for multiple internship opportunities to ensure that you ultimately end up with an internship that you enjoy. Having many internship offers is ideal and allows you to pick your top choice.

Four Ways to Identify and Secure an Internship

  1. Search for postings: Use Grinnell-specific and general online internship databases to find organizations that are offering internships.
  2. Network: Send your current résumé to family members, friends’ family members, faculty members, coaches, previous supervisors, and other contacts to spread the word that you are searching for an internship, whether in a specific professional field or in a new field, if you are open to exploring and growing your skills. Also, expand your network by attending campus events with visiting alumni and employers to inquire about internship opportunities.
  3. Contact organizations directly: Visit organizations’ websites to determine if established internship programs exist. You can find names of organizations by using the Pioneer Internship Database in PioneerWeb or the Chamber of Commerce membership lists in your preferred geographic areas. If no internship information is available on an organization’s website, call the organization directly to inquire about possible internship opportunities.
  4. Create your own internship: Contact an organization where you have previously worked or volunteered to ask about transitioning your past experience into an internship by adding additional responsibilities that use your newly gained academic knowledge.

For additional internship tips and to access a checklist of action items that will help convert this internship search process into manageable steps, visit the Internship Program site on GrinnellShare. (secure login required)