Grinnell’s IACUC reviews all research and teaching projects that involve non-human vertebrates.  Any faculty conducting research or teaching activities using vertebrate animals needs to complete the requirements for animal use approval listed below and submit it to the IACUC coordinator.  We encourage electronic submission of the protocols (send to iacuc[at]grinnell[dot]edu).  Please plan to allow one month for a new submission to be reviewed by the committee and a decision rendered.  Researchers and course instructors need to notify the IACUC of modifications to protocols and personnel changes by submitting a Continuing Review and Modification AUP to the IACUC.  They also need to be prepared for IACUC inspections of animal facilities.

IACUC Requirements for Animal Use Approval

  1. IACUC required CITI Training (Working with the IACUC and Species Specific modules)
  2. OHSP Medical Form and required follow-up
  3. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for species
  4. Completed Animal Use Protocol (AUP)


IACUC forms can be viewed as a Web page or downloaded as a Word file.

CITI Program online Lab Animal Care and Use Training 

The CITI Program is a subscription service providing research ethics education to all members of the research community. To participate fully, learners must be affiliated with a CITI participating organization. The CITI course is a protected site. If you are a new learner at a participating organization you must register to create your own username and password and gain access to the site.

 Grinnell College Inservices

  • Facilities Review
  • Rabbits and Rodents in Research
  • Grinnell College OHSP
  • Responsible Conduct for Research
  • 2010 Guide for the Care and Use
  • Changes in the 2010 Guide
  • Changes in the Guide related to Aquatic Animals
  • New Guide--Key Elements
  • Animal Record Keeping for PIs
  • Testing Cages for Contamination using RODAC plates
  • IACUC Training for Custodians
  • AVMA Guidelines on Euthanasia


Research Aids

Resources for Faculty

Applying for Grants involving Vertebrate Animals

Federal Guidelines and Regulations

Resources for IACUC Members

Animal Welfare Concerns