We’re thrilled that you’re considering applying to Grinnell, and we’re eager to find out if you’ll be a member of the next class of thoughtfully engaged Grinnellians. 

As different as they may be in terms of background and experience, our students share some common qualities. All have sought challenges and excelled academically, done well on standardized tests, and demonstrated a commitment to and leadership in activities beyond the classroom.  We don’t have minimum GPA or test score requirements, and we review every component of your application with care because we know your potential success at Grinnell shouldn’t be distilled to just one number.

We do look for students who have flourished in a rigorous and balanced high school curriculum, and our recommended secondary school program is: (4) years of English, (4) years of mathematics (at least through pre-calculus) (3) years of social studies (3) years of lab science and (3) years of a foreign language.

If you know that Grinnell is a clear first choice, we encourage you to apply Early Decision.

We encourage you to submit our Preliminary Application. Submission of this optional part of the application process gives you access to additional information about application timelines, scholarships, and the college search process.

To complete your application to Grinnell,  you'll submit the Common Application  (and remember, we have no application fee!).