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A Commitment to Inclusion

Grinnell College's commitment to creating a diverse, multicultural campus community includes many students, faculty, and staff with disabilities.

Our goal is an environment that allows people of all abilities do their best work. Using universal design principals, we try to remove as many barriers as possible, and make accommodations for disabilities when needed.

We provide accommodations and support for Grinnellians with disabilities such as learning, psychiatric, physical, or sensory disabilities. We offer many services to all students that can be of help to those with disabilities, including mentoring, technology, academic skills training, and career services.

Grinnellians — whether they are students, faculty, or staff — continue to share and learn from each other and the latest research about the different abilities each of us bring, and how we can create an accessible, supportive environment for everyone.


Student Accommodations

Contact the coordinator of disability resources or visit the Disability Resources page.

Employee Accommodations

Contact the Assistant Dean for Disability Resources or visit the Employee Accommodations page. 

Visitor Accommodations

Contact the event organizer or sponsoring office. If you don't know the event organizer, contact conference operations.  You may also contact the Assistant Dean for Disability Resources for support.

Physical Facilities 

Report issues such as inoperable elevators or door openers and ice on sidewalks to facilities management.



Grinnell College and other local venues offer technology to help listeners with hearing loss.

Helping all "Grinnellians" be successful academic researchers