Billing Authorization Form

The Billing Authorization form is required by Federal Law to be on file for each student. The form authorizes Grinnell College to provide billing information to designated individuals and provides direction on how to handle Title IV Financial Aid credit balances. The form must be completed in order for the College to release any information to people other than the student. Complete the Billing Authorization Form.

Federal Employment Forms

In order to be employed by the college, students are required to complete several employment forms, including I-9, W-4, and others.

We encourage all incoming students, whether receiving a work award or not, to complete employment documentation prior to or upon their arrival at Grinnell.  This will expedite the process of starting a job at any time during their time at Grinnell. 

You may print and fill out the forms found at the GrinnellShare site (your student has access to these via their new student checklist), or fill them out when you arrive.  

Some of the forms require identification or banking information that you will need to provide prior to employment.   Please view the forms acceptable for the I-9 at  Note that the I-9 documents MUST BE THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT – no copies or scans are accepted.  Please refer to your New Student Days schedule for locations and times you may complete these forms.  

All required payroll forms must be completed PRIOR to beginning employment. If you have any questions regarding any of this information, please contact Mark Watts, Student Employment Coordinator, at watts[at]grinnell[dot]edu or 641 269-4652.